Finished Objects

I haven’t been writing as much about my knitting here since I started the podcast. Let’s fix that, shall we?

I’ve been knitting a lot of vanilla socks, because they keep my hands busy while I’m researching or editing and make those tasks more enjoyable. I’ve finished three pairs in the past few months.

The first pair I finished were made of a custom dyed yarn from the Unique Sheep. I asked for their Boo colorway, which is orange and purple, on their cotton base to make some socks for Ash. I also ordered another colorway, Spice, at the same time on the same base, but haven’t started on those yet. This isn’t my favorite non-wool sock yarn (that title remains with Knitpicks Comfy) but it was nice to find a dyer who does more interesting colorways on non-wool yarns, which is what I was after. Ash is allergic to wool, so sometimes I have to be creative when knitting for her.

The second pair is made out of a yarn I bought on Etsy. The Purple Lamb in their sparkle sock base. The colorway is Monet’s Waterlilies. I was a little disappointed in this yarn as well, mostly because in the product photo there was less white. Than what arrived. I held onto this yarn for about a year as a result before deciding what to do with it. Initially, I was just going to donate or gift the socks, but in the end the sparkles won me over. I’m a magpie, and anything that glitters wins my heart.

The last pair is waiting for things to die down after the holidays before flying off to Edinburgh. When working on the final edits for Colors in the Dark, I jokingly stated that I needed a copy editor who would work for socks, and I found one! A lovely, intelligent friend volunteered to do a read through of the book looking for typos, etc, in exchange for a pair of socks. When she told me her favorite colors, I immediately thought of a skein of Knitpicks Stroll Tonal in my stash. Ironically, it was called Raven–and we met through a Ravenclaw knitting group. Our local post office doesn’t have very good hours, and I’m a little afraid of it on the weekends during Christmas, so I’m going to wait before shipping these off.

This Andi Satterlund pattern has won me over to sweater knitting. It was so easy to follow, and very clever in the construction.

This was another knit for Ash, intended for her birthday. I made a few adjustments to the arm holes and sleeve caps, but otherwise followed the pattern. I was afraid it would be too small, but since it’s made of Comfy Worsted, the yarn relaxed quite a bit and I probably could have gone down one or even two sizes in the knitting. It’s finished with some vintage buttons from my stash.

Still taken from a podcast episode. If you want to see it in all it’s glory, check out Episode 7.

Sweater Vest
I have a love of sweater vests that has gone unfulfilled for a while now. I made one several years ago, but since developing Hashimoto’s, it no longer fits. It’s now sitting on a shelf in my closet waiting for the say when I might be able to wear it again.

This one is a self-drafted pattern, made by holding two yarns double: Indigo Dragonfly Cariboubaa in “Atrophy Wife” with Knitpicks Chroma Lace in “Red Velvet.” I used every scrap of the Indigo Dragonfly on the body, and had to pick a coordinating yarn for the ribbing. Because it was a leftover, I don’t have the ball band and I’m not really sure what it was. I held that with two strands of the Red Velvet to make the ribbing just a little thicker than the rest of the sweater. I’m happy with how it came out overall, though I had to make it lower cut than I wanted due to how much yarn I was working with. I have very narrow shoulders, and the deeper neckline means the straps tend to slide off.

Of course, I also finished the sample and the pattern for Punk Is Not Dead (Ravelry link), which can be found in the shop tab above or over in my Gumroad storefront.

Those are all the finished objects from the end of 2021, but I still have several things on the needles. You’ll have to stay tuned to see those, either here or on my youtube channel.

What are you working? What did you finished before the new year? If you have knitting plans, let me just point you over to my shop–I have two new downloadable planners available, in full and half page sizes, to help you plot out and record your knit or crocheted creations.

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