Plans for 2022

Since I got sick a few years ago, I’ve been struggling to find a balance between all my ideas and the amount of time and energy I have to work on them. While most of my symptoms have been tamed, I still struggle with fatigue and brain fog/memory/focus issues every day. It’s a delicate juggling act between diet, sleep, medication, and moderating my daily activity levels.

So going into this year, I’m trying hard to set reasonable goals. To arrange my deadlines on a more manageable time frame, and to focus on only one major project at a time, even though my brain and my muse frequently want to jump ahead and Do All The Things.

  1. Publish the second AJ Marshall book.
    This one is tentative; getting laid off threw off my budget, which is pushing back my production schedule. I’m hoping to have this book out at the end of April, but it might get pushed back to the summer.
  2. Release 2 more planner printables.
    These are already in the works. I’m designing one that will be out later this month for authors, and one for the summer that will be Nanowrimo specific. Not sure what I’m talking about? At the end of December I released two knitting and crochet planners to help crafters organize and record their projects.
  3. Write 4 patterns.
    Two of these I want to release in 2022, but I’ve also got a pattern collection on the back burner I’ve been pecking away at.
  4. Knit more sweaters.
    This goes hand in hand with #3.
  5. Begin querying again.
    I took time off from querying/trying to traditionally publish when I got sick, because emotionally I couldn’t handle the rejection and frustration on top of everything else, and I was just out of spoons when it came to sifting through hundreds of agents to try to find one that might be interested in my weird mash up of history and horror. I have a couple of books, however, that I think are more “marketable” than my others, and want to give them a go at the trad pub route–mostly because it means not having to do/pay for everything myself. I have to save those spoons where I can.

And, if I have time, I’ll publish a second book. Right now, I haven’t decided what that book would be–my fall release, which would go under the Sine Peril name. I have a few manuscripts I’m looking at, but none of them feel ready or like they will be ready in that time frame, so I might end up pushing that off until 2023.

What are your goals for this year? Are you managing your expectations or diving in full tilt?

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