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The Author Roadmap Series

Do you want to write, but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of Nanowrimo? Are you on the fence about self publishing or traditional publishing, or even if you want to publish your work at all?

The Author Roadmap Series is a trio of three PDF booklets including printable worksheets to help you track your writing, set reasonable goals and deadlines, and have a record of research and resources while finding the best writing habits and practices for you, your brain, and your schedule.

Book 1: New Author Workbook (Gumroad Link)
Figure out how your brain works, track your schedule, and find the best writing routine–or lack of routine–that works best for you.

Book 2: Nanowrimo Workbook (Gumroad Link)
This volume takes what we talked about in book 1 and gears it specifically for the time constraints of National Novel Writing Month. Includes exercises to help you prepare for writing 1,667 words a day, as well as ideas for rewards to keep you motivated and tracking sheets so you can stay on par.

Book 3: The Publishing Roadmap (Coming October 1, 2022)
Learn the difference between types of publishers, how to find an agent, how to write a query and synopsis, and keep track of your submissions.

Omnibus: The Author Roadmap (Coming December 2022)
This streamlined edition of the three Author Roadmap Booklets will be available on Amazon and Gumroad, but still includes the worksheets to help you on your author journey.

Magic in the Headlines
AJ Marshall duology, book 1

Aurora Jane “AJ” Marshall has wanted to be a reporter from the day she first sat on her father’s lap reading the headlines. The 1920s are supposed to be all about freedom, and women are flaunting their independence as voting flappers who drive cars and smoke cigarettes. Well, AJ can’t smoke because of her asthma, and her best friend Oliver keeps telling her not to drive because of her bad vision. But what does he know? He’s a ghost!
When an airship crashes just outside of Chicago, AJ knows her chance for a big byline is at hand. Could it be pirates? Mobsters? Or is it the mysterious Ghost Ship, linked to missing people and ghosts all over the city? There’s only one way to find out. AJ Marshall is on the case.
She just has to convince her old classmate and rival, Jasper, to give up his claim to the story. But Jasper has a lead of his own, and it might be more beneficial if they help each other…or will it?

Magic in Midtown
AJ Marshall duology, book 2

AJ Marshall made a deal: a front page news story, delivered to her boss in a week. Except now AJ and her rival/fair-weather friend Jasper have been kidnapped and are on their way to New York, and their only hope of rescue is a crew of airship pirates.

The good news: they’ve found the residents of Underground Chicago that have gone missing, and where all the ghosts have gone.

The bad news: They’re all on Blackwell’s Island in the middle of the East River, and for legally blind, asthmatic AJ, things couldn’t get much worse. She’d relying on old friends and new allies to help her escape. But can they do it before the Order of the Golden Rhinocerous kills them all to hide the evidence?

Colors in the Dark

Eileen, “The Spirit Princess of New York,” has spent her life on the stage, supporting her family just as her mother and grandmother before her. And like her predecessors, she knows that one day her powers will drive her insane.

But while traveling in London, Eileen meets the Temple siblings, a brother and sister who show her there might be another way–a way that doesn’t involve stage dramatics and bending to the every whim of her father and grandfather. A way that might allow her to truly be herself with the woman she loves for the first time.

The longer Eileen is in London, the more she realizes that her family isn’t want it seems–and there might be hope on the horizon, after all, if she’s brave enough to make the change. But what will it cost in the end?

By the Grace

It is difficult enough in this age of awareness to be autistic, but in 1918 it didn’t yet exist as a diagnosis.

With no vocabulary to describe her experiences or explain why certain things bother her, Julia Grace must navigate the social minefield that is Mt. Sinai School for Young Ladies. She leans on her best friend and roommate, Ada Brooks, for support. Ada, who loves her despite her quirks and acts as interpreter for the social cues Julia is prone to missing.

But when Ada is found dead one morning before classes all that crumbles. To make matters worse, the police don’t seem to care, saying she was “asking for it” and they don’t want to prosecute the boy responsible. Maybe that’s why Ada’s spirit can’t rest and continues to roam the halls of the school, growing increasingly angry and violent.

Enraged, Julia sets out on a mission to find the killer and make him pay. But the influenza pandemic sweeping the country-and the entire world-is closing in on their isolated corner of Ohio, and it’s only a matter of time before it breeches the walls of Mt. Sinai. If Julia has any hope of accomplishing anything, she’ll have to win over her classmates and get their help in her plan.

Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due

Columbus, Ohio in 1922 is supposed to be a dry city, but most people still know where to go to find booze. Sixteen-year-old Dru Faust isn’t looking for a drink though; she just wants to dance. But when a new moonshine hits the market and starts sending people to the hospital–including one of her best friends–she will do anything to track down the people responsible.

Off the Rails

White Rose Railroad Book 1

Sophia Andrews was fully prepared for her husband to die fighting for the Union–or at least, as prepared as one can be for such an eventuality. She was not expecting him to be murdered in cold blood on the streets of Washington D.C. just before mustering out.

Though the Army would have her believe Confederate sympathizers killed her husband, a deathbed visitation from his ghost and a conversation with the only witness convince her otherwise. Sophia launches her own investigation, uncovering a plot to seize her husband’s railroad company and making herself the killer’s next target.

Faced with the choice between signing over the company and risking not only her own life, but that of her daughter, Sophia puts it all on the line to draw out her husband’s murderer. While suffering from a mysterious illness she follows the clues from Buffalo to an isolated sanatorium and checks herself in. Can she find the evidence she needs and escape before the killer ensures she’s locked away forever?

All for One

In 1862, the Republic of Quebec has a constitutional monarchy, established ninety years before by Marie Antoinette, who fled France’s revolution. Under the influence of its matriarchal leaders, Quebec is the first country to grant equal rights to all citizens, regardless of gender.

Louise Drapeau is willing and eager to take advantage of these rights as she travels from her small town to the capital to join the most elite fighting force in the country, the all-female Queen’s Guard, also known as the Musketeers. She’s barely in the city twenty-four hours, however, when she uncovers a plot to kill the queen, headed by Quebec’s First Minister, Cardinal Lefebvre.

With the help of her three new friends—Portia, Athena, and Arabella—Louise must unravel the increasingly complex politics of the palace in order to not only save the queen but to keep neutral Quebec out of the Civil War raging just a few hundred miles south in the United States.

Surely this will be enough to get her into the Musketeers—if she can survive.

Bind Off: The Complete Evie Cappelli Series

Newly revised, the Bind Off edition of the Evie Cappelli series combines all three novels (The Spider’s Web, The Ferrymen, Moreau House), the prequel novella (In Defense of Mushrooms), three short stories, and four knitting patterns all in a single volume.

Follow Evie’s journey of recovery as she regains her mental health following a failed suicide attempt, rebuilding and forming new connections that could save her life–even as she has to find a way to save everyone else from ghosts, angry goddesses, and homicidal cults.


For a complete list of my patterns, please visit my Ravelry page. If you are not a Ravelry user, I am slowly (slowly) uploading more recent patterns to Gumroad. All prices are listed in USD.

Punk Is Not Dead

Price: $1.99
Needles: US8/5mm
Yarn: worsted
Techniques: Knit, purl, two color knitting

A slouchy plaid unisex hat, great for rock concerts, Starbucks runs, or even golfing?

buy now

Iced Pumpkin Spice

Price: Free
Needles: US5 (3.75mm)
Yarn: worsted
Techniques: knit, purl, fold over hem, cables (2sts).

A fitted cabled cowl to match the Pumpkin Head hat. Can be knit in one or two colors. Includes instructions to adjust size.

download now

Pumpkin Head

Price: $2.99
Needles: US5 (3.75mm)
Yarn: worsted
Techniques: knit, purl, picking up stitches, cables (2 sts), yarn over, k2tog.

A slouchy cabled hat with a garter stitch brim.

buy now


I am a Delicate Flower

Price: $.99
Needles: US9 (5.5mm)
Yarn: bulky
Techniques: knit, purl, stranded color work, knit in the round.

A basic boot topper for wide calves. Customize them to any size, large or small!

download now


Electrolite Socks

Price: $1.99
Needles: US1 (2mm)
Yarn: fingering weight
Techniques: increase, decrease, knitting in the round, knitting flat, slipped stitches, short rows.

Inspired by THE FERRYMEN.


Phryne’s Favorite Cloche

Price: $1.99
Needles: US6 (4mm)
Yarn: sport weight
Techniques: increase, decrease, knitting in the round, knitting flat, slipped stitches, basic sewing skills (to attach embellishments)

A simple hat pattern with a twist! Inspired by the 1920s.


Release the Kraken!
Price: $1.99
Hook: I (5.5mm)
skills: crochet flat & in the round, increases, basic sewing skills

A super easy crocheted scarf pattern, inspired by Davey Jones’s locker.

Don’t Cross Me!
Price: $2.99

Needles: US 7
Yarn: Red Heart With Love, Carron One Pound
Techniques: Illusion

For those days when you’re feeling slightly homicidal, I present Don’t Cross Me, the illusion scarf that looks like crime scene tape!

Suitable for even beginning knitters, this scarf uses a basic knit and purl pattern to create lettering that only appears when viewed on an angle.

Price: $1.99

Needles: US 6
Yarn: Fibra Natura Exquisite Bamboo
Techniques: Entrelac

Ravelry description: This entrelac cowl is much simpler than it looks! Suitable for someone who has never worked entrelac before, or someone familiar with the technique. It includes the slightest bit of shaping for a more comfortable fit. Looks great in a multicolored yarn!

Fuck You!
Price: $1.99

Needles: US 8
Yarn: Loops n’ Threads Impeccable Solids
Techniques: Illusion knitting. Can you read a pattern/chart? Can you knit? Can you purl? Then you can make this pattern.

This pattern was inspired by the Night Wars series of books by Missouri Dalton, including The Hanged Man’s Ghost and The Night Shift. The pattern includes both written instructions and a chart.

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