Petite Critique: The Vampire Knitting Club

Title: The Vampire Knitting Club Author: Nancy Warren Age group: Adult Genre: cozy mystery Subgenre: urban fantasy Page count: 219 Rating: * * * This book is the first in a cozy mystery series. I'm usually not a fan of "knit lit." As much as I want to read it, I usually find it too sentimental.… Continue reading Petite Critique: The Vampire Knitting Club



CW: This is going to be really long and involves pet death. Five years ago we wanted a kitten, so we did what one does in our area when they want a kitten and went to Petsmart to see the shelter kitties on display. We were looking for something sweet and cuddly but also playful.… Continue reading Loki


Let’s play “Would this kill me in the 1800s?”

One of the side effects of being someone who loves history but is also surrounded by people with chronic illnesses and disabilities is that I'm always wondering if they/I/we would survive "back in the day." Spoiler: the answer us almost always NO. So I was rather shocked when I started looking into the history of… Continue reading Let’s play “Would this kill me in the 1800s?”


#MHMon: The Relief of Diagnosis

Content warning: discussions of chronic illness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I used to be very in touch with my body. I was aware of slight changes, and could tell what they meant. For example, I get different kinds of headaches when I'm hungry, dehydrated, tired, stressed, or around allergens. Each of these headaches feels different.… Continue reading #MHMon: The Relief of Diagnosis


It’s a good day for hot chocolate.

Ohio is being...Ohio. I woke up this morning to 4"+ of unexpected snow. It's rare here to get more than 2" in one go, so 4" overnight is nearly unheard of. I can only think of maybe 2-3 other occasions in my life this has happened. I am, unfortunately, at work (that was not a… Continue reading It’s a good day for hot chocolate.


Kate Warne Vs. Lydia Perry

Small and neat, she wore a mauve and gray plaid skirt and matching vest and jacket. Her light brown hair was braided over the top of her forehead, and a snood of the same pristine white as her blouse covered the bun at her nape. The crinoline under her skirt was of a modest width;… Continue reading Kate Warne Vs. Lydia Perry


7 Tips for Beginner Writers

Write the stories you want to read. Don't worry about what other will--or might--think. Read everything Fiction, nonfiction, books outside your genre--read it all. Learn to read critically The best way to learn how to be a better writer is to examine how the authors you love write. How do they show emotion? How do… Continue reading 7 Tips for Beginner Writers


2019 Charity Donations Part II

The people (you guys) have spoken and the winner of the charity poll is The Navajo Water Project. Thank you to everyone who voted. I hope that as time passes and my platform (and my income!) grow, I can add more charities to the list. For the time being, the donation amount will be 5%… Continue reading 2019 Charity Donations Part II


10 Tips for New Knitters & Crocheters

The new year is a great time to learn a new skill. If your resolution involved knitting or crochet, you might find some of these tips helpful. Invest in quality supplies.  I totally understand the impulse to spend as little as possible on a new hobby, especially if you're not certain you'll enjoy it. But… Continue reading 10 Tips for New Knitters & Crocheters


2019 Goals

I'm late to the party as usual, but it's cool. It's fine. Everything's fine. Donate at least 5% of book sales to charity. I'll be giving quarterly updates on this, as well as a wrap up at the end of the year. Publish 2 books. The official titles will be coming soon! Write 2 books.… Continue reading 2019 Goals