Etsy Update

I'm in the process of destashing a whole bunch of stuff through my Etsy store. Phase one (yarn) went up last night, and more stuff will follow later this week. Get it while you can!  


Writing Check In

I've been slowly pecking away at my updated production schedule. The hardest part is that things keep having to be shuffled or moved around. I might intend to work on editing one project, but my brain will have already skipped ahead to the next item on the list, a book that needs a finished draft.… Continue reading Writing Check In


TV Binge

I feel like Netflix added so many great things in May and June. I added about twelve things to my queue, and just in time because I was starting to feel a bit bored with the selection. I do miss the days when Netflix was mostly movies. Sometimes I just want a contained story I… Continue reading TV Binge


You don’t mind, do you?

I forgot that it's Friday again, and I don't have a blog post ready. So here, let me distract you with cat pictures.     I am a big fan of Hermes' multi-colored toe beans. I have several pictures of them. Like what you see? Check out By Popular Demand…


The History of Eyeglasses

I've been aware of glasses my entire life. My mom is visual impaired, with a rather rare birth defect and an astigmatism. I remember when I was in middle school and my parents nearly had strokes when the eye doctor told her that her magnification-only lenses (she hadn't developed the astigmatism yet at that point)… Continue reading The History of Eyeglasses



Ash and I spent last week in Portland. It's the first proper vacation I've taken since 2011, and it was wonderful. It was my first time west of Chicago. My first time seeing the pacific. As you might be able to tell from my photos, I adore the ocean. I don't think I took a… Continue reading Portland


Win one of 10 books!

As many of you know, my birthday is in June--the 24th to be exact. This year to celebrate, I'll be giving away 10 books on Twitter. Make sure to follow me (@knotmagick) and look out for my contests posts. I'll be giving away a total of 9 ebooks (winner's choice from my catalog) and 1… Continue reading Win one of 10 books!


A Ghost of a Chance

If you've been following me on Twitter or Litsy lately, then you probably know I've been on a major reading binge for the last month or so. I've been averaging 1 completed book every 1-2 days, which is just incredible. The last time I read this much was back before I could drive, and didn't… Continue reading A Ghost of a Chance


Long time coming

Sometimes, I knock out a project in a couple of hours. I pick up my needles and before I've realized it, it's been six hours, I haven't had anything to eat or drink, I've binge watched an entire series on Netflix, and suddenly I have two hats and a shawl sitting beside me on the… Continue reading Long time coming


5 Star Double Whammy

After a weeks long reading slump, I'm finally firmly back in the saddle, and I started it off with 2 amazing audiobooks. If you know me in person, then I'm sorry because you're probably sick of me talking about these books and trying to get you to read them. For full summaries, click on the… Continue reading 5 Star Double Whammy