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Hey guys, no blog for a couple of days. I moved over the weekend and I have symposium next weekend, so I'm a little overbooked at the moment. I'll try to schedule a couple chapters of Dru Faust for you, but I'm not sure if I'll have the chance. I'll be back in May with… Continue reading Moving


The Ferrymen Teaser!

That's right! Work has begun on the second Evie Cappelli book, which will be out later this year. I can't divulge too much yet, but here's a little preview, in the form of a novel aesthetic: 10 points if you can guess where this book is set (hint: it's not Montreal this time). For more… Continue reading The Ferrymen Teaser!


Quarterly writing check in

How can 2017 be a quarter over already? I'm so far behind! Back in January, I posted a list of books I wanted to write or edit this year. I've gotten a lot done, but I've also been moving a lot slower than I wanted to. ALL FOR ONE: This is done and with my… Continue reading Quarterly writing check in


Querying Multiple Projects: a How-to Guide

The Basic Query Process Pretty much every writer who hopes to be published has to query at some point. A Query letter is an email/letter sent to a publisher or agent, introducing yourself and your work. It may or may not be accompanied by a synopsis or sample pages, based on the requirements of that… Continue reading Querying Multiple Projects: a How-to Guide

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Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: part 23

After the party to welcome Archie home, George drove me back to our more modest neighborhood. Unwilling to worry Archie and Alex, I didn't tell them about the conversation with my father, but George asked what was wrong as we were pulling out onto the street. "You've been awful quiet. That's not like you." "It's… Continue reading Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: part 23


Randomly, from the Internet

Just a drive-by post today, guys. I'm moving house in 2 weeks, and slightly overwhelmed. Hopefully you'll find these as interesting as I did! 14 Victorian women of color. 67 Rules Authors live by. Girls knit their way to STEM careers? Creative work aides with mental health. Victorian diagnosis & treatments for depression. Transgender people… Continue reading Randomly, from the Internet


Symposium schedule is now available!

The schedule for Steampunk Symposium is now live! In addition to just wandering around the convention, you'll be able to find me at most of the writing workshops/panels. Specifically: Friday, April 28 8pm Writing Workshop I Saturday, April 29 10:30am Writing Workshop II 4:30pm Navigating Indie & Self Publication 10pm Read Your Favorite Page Sunday,… Continue reading Symposium schedule is now available!

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Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: part 22

Tuesday, July 18   Archie was released from the hospital the next morning. George drove Alexandra and I to the hospital to pick him up. Daddy was chatting with him in the ward, helping him into his coat when we arrived. "I hope you realize just how lucky you were," he said, clapping his patient… Continue reading Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: part 22

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#MHMon 9 Things to NEVER Say to Someone with Mental Illness (and what to say instead)

Since this is our first official Mental Health Monday, I thought I'd start of pretty light. The following is a list of things you really, really shouldn't say to a loved one if they suffer from mental illness or mental health issues. "It's all in your head." "Everyone faces challenges. Just deal with it." "You should… Continue reading #MHMon 9 Things to NEVER Say to Someone with Mental Illness (and what to say instead)

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March Wrap Up

The Goals Send out at least 1 query every week Shockingly, I did this the first week of the month. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon Reduce the yarn stash by 50% Oh, gosh. Massive fail on this. I was down 7 skeins so far for the year, but then I bought...FIVE. But, one was… Continue reading March Wrap Up