#HouseCupReadingChallenge Wrap Up

Well, the readathon is over. It was an interesting experience. I didn't read as much as I wanted to, but I did read more than I normally would have, I think. So what was the break down? Well, I read a total of 8 books (3 were started before the readathon began, but were less… Continue reading #HouseCupReadingChallenge Wrap Up


Nanowrimo Check In

How is everyone's Nanowrimo going? Getting your words in? Hopelessly behind? Already done? (Insane, I know, but I know people who can finish in two weeks! Yes, I hate them, too.) I'm sitting just about where I want to be, with a couple of extra days in the bag in case I need them later.… Continue reading Nanowrimo Check In


Tea Time

It has been a long, looooong time since I did a post about my tea stash (2013, maybe?), but as the weather has finally cooled off properly and it's writing season, I thought now would be a good time to tour the stash. I've moved twice since that last post, and the tea stash has… Continue reading Tea Time


#HouseCupReadingChallenge Check In 4

The readathon is wrapping up; only a few more days left (Sunday, 12 November is the last day). I finished the base challenge last week, which gave me 140 points for Ravenclaw and 1384 pages read, and I've been trying--trying--to finish one or two books this week, but I've been failing miserably thanks to Nanowrimo.… Continue reading #HouseCupReadingChallenge Check In 4


The Writing Rituals tag

I'm stealing this one from youtube. I wasn't really tagged by anyone, but I originally saw it in this video: When do you write (time of day/day of week)? I write 6-7 days a week. If I happen to have down time at work, I might squeeze in 500 words or so, otherwise I'll write… Continue reading The Writing Rituals tag


Nanowrimo Survival Kit

In all the years I've been doing Nanowrimo, I don't know how I managed to not make a post about my survival kit. I think I even remember drafting one before, but maybe it got rolled into a previous Boot Camp post, and it's not coming up in my search. Oh, well. Time to start… Continue reading Nanowrimo Survival Kit


#HouseCupReadingChallenge Check In 3

Books read this week: Year Five: The Wild Girl (495 pages) Year Six: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (108 pages) Year Seven: Too Fond (32 pages) Which brings me up to seven completed books (all of the base challenges, and a total of  (1384 pages in completed books). I enjoyed The Wild Girl, but found… Continue reading #HouseCupReadingChallenge Check In 3


Nano Boot Camp: Wrap up

It's October 30. Only one more day until the kick off. There can't possibly be more prep work, right? Wrong! For today and tomorrow, write 1500 words each day. Physically clear off your desk. Put away the junk. Check your stock of pencils, notebooks, and flash drives. Run any necessary maintenance tasks on your computer,… Continue reading Nano Boot Camp: Wrap up


October 2017 wrap up

Send out at least 1 query every week I sent out over a dozen queries this month, which makes up for the ones I didn't send in July. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon Reduce the yarn stash by 50% I'm starting to think this goal is pointless. I'm still knitting. I haven't been buying… Continue reading October 2017 wrap up


#HouseCupReadingChallenge Check in 2

Well, it's week 2 of the readathon, and so far my to be read list has gone completely down the drain! So far, I've read a total of 756 pages in books I've finished: Year 4: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (complete) This was my third attempt at reading a Sherlock book, but the first… Continue reading #HouseCupReadingChallenge Check in 2