Things I made on Hiatus

While I did take an extended break from publishing, that doesn't mean I wasn't still doing things on my break. I spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting, and I also did some writing--very, very slowly. It was nice to work at a more relaxed pace, and to not worry about deadlines or markets… Continue reading Things I made on Hiatus


Finished Objects

I haven't been writing as much about my knitting here since I started the podcast. Let's fix that, shall we? SocksI've been knitting a lot of vanilla socks, because they keep my hands busy while I'm researching or editing and make those tasks more enjoyable. I've finished three pairs in the past few months. L… Continue reading Finished Objects


Works in Progress

As we move into cooler weather, it is 100% crafting season. I always want to break out the knitting and the sewing machine when the seasons change. My biggest project at the moment is what I'm calling the Clawsome Sweater, or my Ravenclaw* Quidditch Sweater. I'm using one of Yarnia's customer blends, combined with some… Continue reading Works in Progress

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Knitting WIPs and FOs

This looks a bit anticlimactic, doesn't it? I promise, it'll get more interesting. Eventually this is going to turn into a sock. I swear.Specifically, it's going to become the mate to the sock below that I made a couple of months ago, then walked away from so I could finish other stuff that needed to… Continue reading Knitting WIPs and FOs


Current Projects

If you guessed I was doing a lot of knitting in quarantine, then you would be 100% correct. Unfortunately, none of my projects are what I would consider "instant gratification", so I have very little to show for it. These rainbow socks are part of a swap I'm working on with a Ravelry friend. I'm… Continue reading Current Projects


Current Projects and a Finished Object

I would like to say that I missed Friday's blog post because I was busy doing exciting things, but the truth is, I was catching up on sleep. Bast has spent every waking moment trying to get out either the front or back door, convinced he can find his sister. As they are a bonded… Continue reading Current Projects and a Finished Object


Largess for the Baron & Baroness

On the list of things that should have been done by the end of 2019, these socks are numbers two and three on the list. (Where is number one, you ask? Um...Check back next week.) When we moved to Seattle, we didn't know anyone, except a handful of online friends. We got lucky, though, in… Continue reading Largess for the Baron & Baroness



I cast off two projects last week--you didn't really think I'd last long without two new ones, did you? Actually, I have three, but one of them hasn't been photographed yet. This one, I'm super excited about. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, and have quite a bit of pride in my  house, Ravenclaw (though… Continue reading WIPs


Knitting Break

It's  been a while since we had one of these, hasn't it? Well, now that the holidays are over, I can share some of the gifts I made. These socks are, once again, Hermione's Everyday Socks, but they're also a Christmas gift. I made them ankle socks, per the recipient's preference. The yarn is one… Continue reading Knitting Break

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Stress Knitting Finished Objects

With all these socks I've been knitting, I guess you could say I've really been stepping it up, huh? It felt so good to get these teal socks off the needles. I started them way back in July, as one of my village crafting projects. I worked on them off and on, but my new character… Continue reading Stress Knitting Finished Objects