In this house, we celebrate firsts with ice cream.

Saturday marked several firsts for me. The first time I took a road trip by myself. The first time I went to Indiana. The first time I went to a book event alone. And the first time I hit (and exceeded) a sales goal! I was invited to attend this event, which was a sponsored… Continue reading In this house, we celebrate firsts with ice cream.


What’s Next?

Moreau House, the 3rd book in my Evie Cappelli series, came out last month (do you have your copy yet?). While I do have plans to eventually revisit Evie and her world, it won't be in the form of a full length novel. Moreau House effectively wraps up the series. Never fear, there's lots more… Continue reading What’s Next?


Moreau House is out now!

Well, it took a full 4 days longer than I expected, but I finally got everything cleared up with CreateSpace and Amazon. They are still processing the books, so they¬† haven't been linked to my Amazon page yet. If you would like to purchase Moreau house you can find the ebook here, and the paperback… Continue reading Moreau House is out now!

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In honor of International Women's Day, a friend and fellow author, Emily Selleck is hosting a promo opportunity for fellow female authors. #SeeWomenWrite is a tag we'll be using on Twitter from March 4-10, to celebrate women authors and share news and promotions. Several authors are hosting special deals or sales next week. In addition… Continue reading #SeeWomenWrite


Short Delay on Moreau House

Hey guys, I was hoping to share Moreau House with you today, but I'm having some issues with Create Space at the moment. I'm hoping it will all be sorted by tomorrow at the latest. In the mean time, I'm extending my giveaway, so you have a few more hours to win a full set… Continue reading Short Delay on Moreau House


Ramble: Mental Health Discussions with Family

I had a long talk with my mom over the weekend about mental health. Up to that point, I hadn't told her I was taking medication for my anxiety and depression. I spoke before about how hard it was for me to get help. There was the stigma mental health discussions carried, the fear of… Continue reading Ramble: Mental Health Discussions with Family


The Evie Cappelli Soundtrack

Music has always been a huge part of my writing process, but it was particularly important when writing Evie. From the get-go, I pictured each book as a tv series in my head. There are entire albums I listened to on repeat that I could point to and just say "This is it. This is… Continue reading The Evie Cappelli Soundtrack


Review: Boys Don’t Knit (in Public)

Title: Boys Don't Knit (in Public) Author: T.S. Eaton Age group: YA Genre: contemporary Subgenre: general fiction Page count: 272 Rating: * * * * I loved this book. The main character, Ben, is a 17 year old with mild OCD, anxiety, and terrible taste in friends. His loser friends get him into trouble, which… Continue reading Review: Boys Don’t Knit (in Public)

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2018 Events and Appearances

It's time to update my calendar for 2018! I have a lot of things planned, though some of them still are up in the air. Right now I have 2 confirmed appearances. The first is a book and author luncheon in New Castle, IN. I'm super excited for this because it's my first out of… Continue reading 2018 Events and Appearances



To celebrate the upcoming release of MOREAU HOUSE (February 27), I'm giving away 2 full sets of the Evie Cappelli series (The Spider's Web, The Ferrymen, and Moreau House). I have 2 full ebook sets, in any format the winner chooses (kobo, kindle, etc). To enter, just fill out the form below. If you're a… Continue reading Giveaway!