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Hey guys, no blog for a couple of days. I moved over the weekend and I have symposium next weekend, so I'm a little overbooked at the moment. I'll try to schedule a couple chapters of Dru Faust for you, but I'm not sure if I'll have the chance. I'll be back in May with… Continue reading Moving


The Ferrymen Teaser!

That's right! Work has begun on the second Evie Cappelli book, which will be out later this year. I can't divulge too much yet, but here's a little preview, in the form of a novel aesthetic: 10 points if you can guess where this book is set (hint: it's not Montreal this time). For more… Continue reading The Ferrymen Teaser!

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#MHMon 9 Things to NEVER Say to Someone with Mental Illness (and what to say instead)

Since this is our first official Mental Health Monday, I thought I'd start of pretty light. The following is a list of things you really,┬áreally shouldn't say to a loved one if they suffer from mental illness or mental health issues. "It's all in your head." "Everyone faces challenges. Just deal with it." "You should… Continue reading #MHMon 9 Things to NEVER Say to Someone with Mental Illness (and what to say instead)


Night Wars Collection Out Tomorrow!

That's right! The new book will be out at some point tomorrow. You'll be able to find it on my Amazon page, or Missouri's. Want more? Here's a little snippet from one of my stories, In Defense of Mushrooms. This was originally released as a novella, and it's something of Izzy's origin story. Izzy is… Continue reading Night Wars Collection Out Tomorrow!

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Night Wars Collection Cover Reveal!

This probably won't come as a┬átotal surprise, since Missouri shared it on twitter earlier this week, but we have a cover!The collection will be out next Tuesday, March 28, and includes 13 short stories, including 3 by yours truly. For all the info on the collection, check the Q&A, and as always, you can find… Continue reading Night Wars Collection Cover Reveal!


Reading Slump

You may have noticed I haven't been reading much the past few weeks. I"m in a bit of a slump-having trouble getting into any of the books I"m reading, or seeing them through. It's not that I"m not enjoying them. The written word as written by other people just hasn't been holding my attention. I'm… Continue reading Reading Slump


The Night Wars Collection–March 28!

That's right, the Collection is coming back! Ash is hard at work on the cover as we speak, and the final edits are done, and the book will be out on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Mark your calenders! As always, a new book means it's time for some Q&A! If you want to see the… Continue reading The Night Wars Collection–March 28!


It’s finally here!

Guys! It's up! It's here! THE SPIDER'S WEB is out now! I just got confirmation from Amazon that both the ebook and paperback editions are available. I'm not sure why they are coming up on 2 different pages instead of 2 editions of the same book. I'm going to look into it later this week.… Continue reading It’s finally here!


A-Z Book Tag

I pulled this one off of Youtube. If you'd like to do your own version, I'll leave a blank version behind the cut. A. Author you've read the most books from Most books ever? I read a lot of series books growing up, so it's probably a toss up between Carolyn Keene and the Nancy… Continue reading A-Z Book Tag

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The Witching Hour

Now available on Dr. Jacob Thompson is a respectable member of his Puritan community, if a little odd. He's kept to himself since the last member of his family died. But his sister, Sarah, still lingers, bearing a warning from beyond the grave: if he doesn't complete the yearly protection ritual, Maple Valley will… Continue reading The Witching Hour