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Writer, knitter, kitten lover. Vices include chocolate, anime, sleeping in and staying up late, swearing, comma splices, and tea. Credits are few and include lots of yarn and books (those aren’t vices, right?).

Why KnotMagick?

Historically, knot magic(k) was a practice of casting spells using knots, practiced by many groups, including the Druids and the Vikings. While practices vary from culture to culture, the main idea is to infuse a thread with one’s desire, and either carry the knot as a talisman, or slowly unravel the knots to invoke a spell.

In the context of this blog, it is the combination of knitting and crochet with the power of words and fantastical plots.

Why the extra k? When the k is added to “magic” it denotes a difference between stage magic and that practiced by pagan religions. When I first started this blog, back in 2008, I was a practitioner and had very different ideas of what I would be using it for. Also, I like the symmetry.

20171031_081338.jpgAbout Sophia Beaumont

Sophia Beaumont was born and raised in Ohio, where she dreamed of living anyplace but.

Surrounded by books from an early age, her first love was historical fiction, but she also has a passion for urban fantasy. Her debut ya novel, THE SPIDER’S WEB, was originally published by Torquere Press in 2016.

After the closure of Torquere at the end of 2016, Sophia turned to self publishing. The Evie Cappelli series (THE SPIDER’S WEB, THE FERRYMEN, and MOREAU HOUSE) is set to complete in early 2018. Her forthcoming YA adventure novel ALL FOR ONE was the #ShoreIndie 2017 runner up and will also be released in 2018.

20141220_172713Sophia is an avid knitter and enjoys designing knitting and crochet patterns. On her long list of current projects is a book of short stories and knitting patterns inspired by the Evie Cappelli series. You can find some of her patterns here. Knitting, textiles, and their impact on community and mental health frequently pop up in her books.

In her spare time she enjoys sewing, binge watching costume dramas on Netflix, and dressing up in historical garb–sometimes for fun, and sometimes to educate. She is a living history volunteer and specializes in the history of women’s rights in late 1800s America.

c3dfa-dscf0214In addition to rural Ohio, she has also lived in Florence, Italy and Montreal, Quebec, where she hopes to one day return. Presently, she lives and works in Columbus with her partner in crime, Missouri Dalton (aka Ash K. Alexander), and her number one assistant, Hermes the cat, who thinks he is a FANTASTIC editor, but can frequently be found napping on the job.

Sophia provides a variety of free and low-cost services to writers, youth organizations, libraries, book groups, etc, including personal appearances, critiques, sensitivity reading, and reviews. For more information, please check the Services tab above.



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