Reading Slump

You know what really sucks? Well, there's a lot of things, and we seem to be experience all of them right now. But the thing that has been really annoying for me lately is this: being an author in a reading slump. I love to read. Well, I did. And then we came to Washington.… Continue reading Reading Slump


Bookish Questions of Tumblr

I found this list of questions on Tumblr. Originally, it was 21 questions, but I'm amending it a little since I've already answered some of them in other posts. The full list can be found here, if you're interested. Take a peek--I'd love to read some of your answers, too! 1:What's the first book you… Continue reading Bookish Questions of Tumblr

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Litterary Takeaway

I came across this article recently and had to share: A Brief History of Book Vending Machines.Sidenote: I want to visit Japan for many reasons, but a huge part of that is the vending machines. The Japanese put crazy stuff in their vending machines. (And those aren't even some of the weirder ones I've heard… Continue reading Litterary Takeaway

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A List of Things

1. Due to some nonsense with Yahoo, I've deleted my account. If you need to contact me, you can do so through my gmail address: knotmagickknitter (at) gmail 2. Read Recently: Haunted London by Richard JonesWhile hardly the end-all-be-all of travel haunting books, this was really fun to read and includes stories of over a… Continue reading A List of Things

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So Many Books!

It feels good to bring books and reading back into this blog. Last year, I was so stressed that reading was difficult. I had trouble finding the head space to sit down; I'd get bored, or distracted, or anxious, feeling like I was wasting my time by not working on something productive. I might read… Continue reading So Many Books!

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When Being Wrong is a Turn Off

So I might have mentioned that I got a huge stack of library books. I've been working my way through them, returning some and checking out some others. Yesterday I started a new book at work. It's from a series that I was really looking forward to when it came out. I read the first… Continue reading When Being Wrong is a Turn Off

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Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

I know I said I was scaling back on the writing, but clearly cutting out books is not my intention. This is my upcoming reading list. And that's not even including The Lord of the Rings that's currently sitting by my bed: Clearly I have enough there to give you at least a book review… Continue reading Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

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For about the last month, I've been contemplating taking part in the 52 books in 52 weeks reading challenge. I've done if for the past three years, but I haven't successfully completed it since 2009 (though I did come close last year. I was only 2 books shy of the goal). I keep going back… Continue reading Competition

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Back Again

Currently Reading: Ghost Moon On the Netflix: Love and Other Disasters Between a week of vacation and a week and a half of being sick, I've let a lot of good habits slide in the last month, among them blogging. However, since I've spent the majority of the last two weeks in bed or camped… Continue reading Back Again