Please note that all services have been put on hiatus until further notice due to health issues. Updates will follow as they become available.

Free/donation based services:
Query, 1st page, and synopsis critiques
Book reviews
Author appearances (virtual/in person)
Resources for new authors

Paid services:
Developmental edits
Copy edits
Sensitivity reads
Classes, workshops, and lectures

Query, 1st page, and Synopsis Critiques

This is a donation-based service, because I know how hard it can be to get feedback, and because I also know intimately what it’s like to be working and writing and still living hand to mouth. That means if you find my feedback helpful, I ask you to buy me a coffee ($3 in my ko-fi), but only if you’re able.

To submit, just fill out the form below. Query letters/1st page submissions should be 1 page, a synopsis can be up to two. I’m willing to help with most fiction genres, but I’m not the best fit for romance, picture books/children’s books or hard sci-fi. I am most knowledgeable on urban fantasy and historical fiction (YA and adult). I also have some limited experience with nonfiction.

Responses will include a word attachment, unless you specify all comments should be in the body of an email in your submission. Turnaround is between 1-5 days.

Book Reviews

If you are an indie/small press/self published author, I do book reviews here on the blog. I accept both ebooks and paperbacks, though my preference is for hard copies. I always post my honest opinion.

For more information, please contact me at KnotMagickKnitter (at) gmail (dot) com.

Developmental Editing

Please note: Prices have changed while I search for a new day job. Because I don’t have the support of a regular paycheck, I cannot, at this time, offer my usual lower prices, even though I think making editing services accessible to lower income aspiring authors is important. I hope to return to that pricing structure soon, but for right now I need to keep a roof over my head.

Not just for novelists, developmental edits are good for memoirists, nonfiction writers, and people working on their thesis. This service is intended to help identify weak points in plot, character, representation, coherence, structure/organization, pacing, and some light editing (I may point out things like crutch words, passive voice, formatting to industry standard, etc) as well as the general enjoyability of the book/ease of reading. Typically, I can get started right away or within a week, and turn around is 2-3 weeks. I provide a word document with comments/tracked changes which is sent as an attachment.

Manuscripts/partials up to 20,000 words: $75
20,000-60,000 words: $125
60,000-100,000 words: $250
Over 100,000 words: Please email me for a quote and availability.

In terms of genre, my best fit would be mysteries, urban fantasy, paranormal, and historical fiction, but I’m open to most genres (MG/YA/adult). I am not a good fit for romance/erotica, high fantasy, hard scifi, or anything involving graphic violence or body horror. More information is available via email (KnotMagickKnitter (at) gmail (dot) com).

Copy Editing

Copy editing includes looking at spelling and grammar, punctuation, spacing, etc. It is NOT editing for content.

For manuscripts up to 60,000 words, I charge $150. 60-100,000 is $250. This can be combined with a critique or sensitivity read for an additional fee. Great for novelists, non-fiction writers, essays, reports, or thesis (no, I will not edit your high school English paper).

Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity readers check for problematic representation. I am an aro/ace white woman with a chronic fatigue condition, anxiety and depression. I also have lived in poverty and abusive environments.

Please keep in mind that not every experience is the same, even for people who share marginalizations. While I may not find a particular scene/character/etc to be harmful, others might. And while others might not have a problem with something, it might bother me a lot. Sensitivity reads, just like any other critique, are opinions and should be treated as such.

Because this takes a lot of emotional labor in additional to mental effort, sensitivity reads are open only to full manuscripts and start at $150, regardless of manuscript length, with additional charges applied based on word count and content of manuscript. If you would like an estimate, please contact me at the address above.


Do you want a dedicated ear to listen to your wild ideas? Advice on self publishing? Someone to hold your hand while you draft a query letter? Some one who can give their opinion about all six versions of chapter one you’re debating between? Never fear: Shadow Helper is here.

This is a Patreon reward, available for $75/month. Jump to the head of the line and get answers to all of your burning author questions. Downgrade at any time; you can always switch back to this tier when you start a new project, or drop down to the $3 level when you’re between projects. You determine how long long you’re subscribed, what we talk about, and what kind of help I provide. This package includes a monthly video call, manuscript edits, critiques of any query or self publishing materials, and more.

Due to the time commitment this requires from me, slots are limited, so if you’re interested, sign up!

Lectures, Classes, and Workshops

Are you looking for an activity for your Girl Scout troop? Do you want to teach your 4-Hers a new skill? Are you looking for an author to speak to your high school English class? Do you want someone to educate your group on life in the 19th century?

I offer a variety of classes and lectures that might just suit your needs! From how to get published as an indie or traditional author to writing workshops, knitting and spinning classes, and more, KnotMagick Studios provides a variety of educational services, many of which are available in person for those in Western Washington or Portland, or virtually for those located elsewhere.

View the 2021 class brochure.