Sheena Pennell

Sheena is the business manager for KMS, as she’s the only one who actually exists (legally, anyway). Sheena designs knitting and crochet patterns, and also writes nonfiction, largely textile related. Her work can be found on the Piecework website, and she’s been interviewed by the Fiber Nation podcast.

She has a PBC in Art Conservation with emphasis in textiles (Post Bachelor Certificate=between a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree), which she obtained while living in a slightly-haunted former brothel in the heart of Florence, Italy. This is also where she first learned about Eleonora, her stockings, and had the desire to recreate a part of her wardrobe.

When not working on projects for KMS or napping with a cat, Sheena can usually be found on The Eleonora Project, where she is making reproduction historical garments and studying Renaissance Italy.


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