Updates and Reminders

Hey everyone! Just a quick rundown of some upcoming events here around the blog and in the KM-verse: September 1: If you want to get in on the annual swag bags for patrons, this is the last day to sign up as a $10 or above member, which will get you on the mailing list… Continue reading Updates and Reminders


Check in, with Cats

I hop you are all staying well. So far, despite essentially being at Ground Zero, we are okay. Ash and I have been isolating as much as possible, but we are still both expected to go into work for the time being. I spent the weekend sewing and knitting, and you'll see some of what… Continue reading Check in, with Cats


Bast Break

Happy Holidays!   May you be cozy and warm, regardless of what you celebrate. Like what you see? Check out Kitten Break


General Life Update

Back in August, I shared about a difficult situation Ash and I were going through. If you've followed my twitter feed at all, then you might know that things got incredibly bad there for a while. We thought we were going to lose our apartment, and our only hope was relying on a rather unhealthy… Continue reading General Life Update

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A Little Peace, Please.

I had a pleasant, cheerful post planned for today. All that was missing were a couple of sunny shots of the yard, which I fully planned on taking once I got of of work. Instead, I spent my lunch break watching footage of an explosion, and when I got off work, I had what I… Continue reading A Little Peace, Please.


Ho ho ho.

Merry Christmas and Blessed Be. I hope that you are all having a safe and happy holiday, regardless of where you are and what you celebrate. We missed out on a white Christmas this year by a rain shower and a couple of hours. So here's a shot from last year. Snow is very confusing… Continue reading Ho ho ho.