Symposium Schedule

Steampunk Symposium is this weekend in Cincinnati, OH and as per usual I'll be presenting with the other Lit Track authors. If you'd like to find me, this is where I'll be: Friday 4pm Introduction to Steampunk I 8pm Writing Steampunk 101 9:30pm Lit Track After Dark: Ghost stories Saturday 11:30am Read Your Favorite Page… Continue reading Symposium Schedule


Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Autism

CW: This post discusses historical and contemporary medical treatments for autism and mental illness patients that range from unpleasant to downright abusive and may be triggering for some readers.  I confess, out of all the WtKM posts thus far, this one has benefited from the most research. It's also been the hardest to write. I… Continue reading Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Autism


My Favorite Witch Trial

I watch a lot of weird stuff on Youtube. Usually that weird stuff is history related, and last weekend was no exception. Also, if you haven't figured it out by now, I have a pretty morbid sense of curiosity. I've been fascinated by witch trials since middle school, but everyone likes to focus on the… Continue reading My Favorite Witch Trial


Slow Recovery

I confess, the department that has taken the hardest hit since I started having thyroid problems (after housework) is my writing. For months all I had energy for after work was staring at the television, so a lot of writing and editing got ignored. I'm back at the computer now, but I'm not working at… Continue reading Slow Recovery


#MHMon: The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis

The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis By Emily Deibler When I was in high school, I would have given anything to be diagnosed and treated. The general consensus was that I was an emotional teenage girl, and that I "thought everything was the end of the world." I suppose I can't exactly blame everyone for… Continue reading #MHMon: The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis


Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Diabetes

Diabetes--both Type 1 & Type 2--are very common diseases in the US today. Changes in diet and lifestyle have led to an increase of Type 2 diagnoses in the past few decades.  If, for some reason you aren't familiar with diabetes or the difference between the two forms, I'll give you a minute to check… Continue reading Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Diabetes


Resources for New Authors

Since I've been asked many times, a few links to my favorite writing resources on the web, the places I keep coming back to. Most of these are geared more toward people who have a finished manuscript and are preparing to submit it to agents or contests. I feel like I can't really tell you… Continue reading Resources for New Authors


By Popular Demand…

I'm starting to get a complex. The last two times I've held polls on Twitter about what kind of blogs my readers what to see something like this has been the result: My cats have more fans than I do. But really, with cuteness like this, I can't be mad. We are all adjusting to… Continue reading By Popular Demand…


Petite Critique: The Vampire Knitting Club

Title: The Vampire Knitting Club Author: Nancy Warren Age group: Adult Genre: cozy mystery Subgenre: urban fantasy Page count: 219 Rating: * * * This book is the first in a cozy mystery series. I'm usually not a fan of "knit lit." As much as I want to read it, I usually find it too sentimental.… Continue reading Petite Critique: The Vampire Knitting Club



CW: This is going to be really long and involves pet death. Five years ago we wanted a kitten, so we did what one does in our area when they want a kitten and went to Petsmart to see the shelter kitties on display. We were looking for something sweet and cuddly but also playful.… Continue reading Loki