Sunday Tarot

It has been a WEEK at Chez Knotmagick. I've basically taken the last two days off from the universe due to mental health issues. So, please forgive me for only doing a single, general spread this week. I brought out the cheerful cards for this one, because I really needed it. Please keep in mind… Continue reading Sunday Tarot


Cancelled Plans

I don't want to go into details, but if you've been following my Twitter you know it's been a pretty crappy week at Chez KnotMagick. So bad, in fact, that I have the misfortune of announcing that I will not be at Steampunk Symposium as planned. I tried everything in my power to hang on to… Continue reading Cancelled Plans


Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Anemia

Feeling tired? Run down? Memory problems? Muscle aches and weakness? You might have anemia and not know it. There a many different forms of anemia, so I won't be able to delve into all of them here, but basically anemia is a shortage of red blood cells. This can have many causes from outside factors… Continue reading Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Anemia


Video Games for Knitters

I'll admit, I'm a casual gamer at best, but I have seen several video games across platforms in the past few years that reference knitting or crafting. I haven't played most of these yet, but I'll be getting my first console in a few weeks and these are definitely on my list. Animal Crossing Pocket… Continue reading Video Games for Knitters


Best Knitting Podcasts: 2020 edition

3 years on, and Best Youtube Knitting Podcasts is still one of my top blog posts, so I thought it was time to do an updated edition. Most of the podcasts I shared in that post are still going, though some are on hiatus or have been posting more sporadically as the life situations of… Continue reading Best Knitting Podcasts: 2020 edition

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Giving the Boot

...A new set of boot toppers. I love my boots. But I have a weird thing, especially with my knee high boots--I hate the sound the zipper pull makes when I walk. I'm also a bit knock-kneed, so sometimes they rub together. Enter a pair of neutral boot cuffs. I knit these using some random… Continue reading Giving the Boot


Weekend Crafting

It's been a while since I dedicated an entire weekend to crafting, especially sewing. For starters, Gemma, my usual machine has been in storage since we moved. For another, there just hasn't been time, and all of my fabric is currently in the pod with the machine. But then...I saw an offer I couldn't refuse.… Continue reading Weekend Crafting


Blackcurrants and Lavender

You know when you get or make a Brand New Thing, and it's perfect and you love it and you use it all the time, and then gnomes run off with it in the night, probably because they saw your love for the Brand New Thing and want it for themselves? Or possibly just to… Continue reading Blackcurrants and Lavender


And the Winner Is…

For the second year in a row, you, my lovely readers and supporters, have voted to support the Navajo Water Project as our charity for the year. 2019 was a slow year for me as I was recovering after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, but we were able to donate a total of $40… Continue reading And the Winner Is…


Feeling Blue

I've wanted blue hair since I was 12, and 2018 was the year I finally got it. After a year of trying out different blue dyes, I can say that I have a few definitive preferences, which I've broke down below. As a point of reference, my natural hair color is a light to medium… Continue reading Feeling Blue