June Wrap Up

Send out at least 1 query every week Done. 9 queries sent out. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon Reduce the yarn stash by 50% Not yet. Haven't had much time for knitting lately. Save for the moving Phase one complete. Phase two...? Read all the books on the night stand I've knocked 2 off… Continue reading June Wrap Up


Best Book/Writing Podcasts on Youtube

Last week I shared my favorite knitting podcasts, and this time I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite book related podcasts. Some of these are just review shows, others concentrate on the craft of writing or on publishing. If you were daunted by the long episodes on the knitting list, fear not.… Continue reading Best Book/Writing Podcasts on Youtube

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April & May Wrap Up

Send out at least 1 query every week Done Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon Reduce the yarn stash by 50% Um...Nope. I'm back where I started at the beginning of the year. Oops. Save for the moving The move is done. Thank goodness! Read all the books on the night stand One down. Read… Continue reading April & May Wrap Up


Reading Slump

You may have noticed I haven't been reading much the past few weeks. I"m in a bit of a slump-having trouble getting into any of the books I"m reading, or seeing them through. It's not that I"m not enjoying them. The written word as written by other people just hasn't been holding my attention. I'm… Continue reading Reading Slump

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Goal Update: February 2017

Send out at least 1 query every week Done! Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon (once rights have been returned) Done! Available in paperback and ebook.We're still working on the release of the short story collection. That will be available some time in March. Reduce the yarn stash by 50% So far this year, I've… Continue reading Goal Update: February 2017


A-Z Book Tag

I pulled this one off of Youtube. If you'd like to do your own version, I'll leave a blank version behind the cut. A. Author you've read the most books from Most books ever? I read a lot of series books growing up, so it's probably a toss up between Carolyn Keene and the Nancy… Continue reading A-Z Book Tag


Goals: Old and New

The goals of 2016: Be active for 30 minutes 5x per week. Maybe this year I will have more success than last year, though so far January has not been promising. Polish 3 manuscripts Pay off 2 debts I have 2 specific debts in mind. I’m almost there; I want to knock them off my… Continue reading Goals: Old and New


July Wrap Up

Holy cow, guys. The past few weeks have just been a blur. I'm not going into all of the details right here and now, but stay tuned because there's going to be a lot of news coming down the pipeline in August! But before we look ahead, let's take a second to glance back, shall… Continue reading July Wrap Up


The Last Unicorn

Anyone remember this movie? I used to love watching it as a kid. If I happened to find it on tv I would drop whatever I was doing to watch it. I didn't realize how trippy it was until one of my college roommates pulled out the VHS, and we all watched it at midnight… Continue reading The Last Unicorn


New Obsession: Cat Winters

Okay, so it sounds a little creepy to say it like that. But seriously, I am now obsessed with her books. I've read two in the last month and just bought a third. I reviewed The Cure for Dreaming in April, and just finished The Uninvited last week. The Uninvited was actually the first of… Continue reading New Obsession: Cat Winters