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My Top 10 Yarn Picks

KnitPicks Stroll Hand Paints $13.99 / 100g / 462yds75% superfine superwash merino / 25% nylonFingering weight Stroll fingering handpaint in "Redwing Blackbird, from one of my WIPs I'll be sharing in a couple of weeks. If you've been here a while you know Knitpicks is my go to for most of my yarn, and Stroll… Continue reading My Top 10 Yarn Picks

Knit Tea

Knit Tea, May 2023

On May 15, XRX, the parent company responsible for Stitches events, announced they have closed their doors for good. As someone who was really hoping to go to Stitches West now that I’m on the West Coast, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am by this, however, the pandemic, closures, and subsequent economic troubles… Continue reading Knit Tea, May 2023


Things I made on Hiatus

While I did take an extended break from publishing, that doesn't mean I wasn't still doing things on my break. I spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting, and I also did some writing--very, very slowly. It was nice to work at a more relaxed pace, and to not worry about deadlines or markets… Continue reading Things I made on Hiatus


Chronic Pain & Crafting, Part 4: Crafting Tools as Adaptive Tools

Part of the appeal of knitting and crochet is the way you can take some sticks and string and like magic turn them in afghans, sweaters, dresses, cushions, or anything your heart desires and your mind can dream up. At its core, yarncrafts require very few tools other than yarn, a selection of needles or… Continue reading Chronic Pain & Crafting, Part 4: Crafting Tools as Adaptive Tools


Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 3: Exercises and Accessories

While I myself am not a physical therapist, the exercises below are often recommended for crafters to stretch tense muscles and increase strength and flexibility, releasing tension and discomfort and preventing future stress and pain. These should be considered gentle stretches; you should feel a pulling sensation, but not pain. If the movement is painful,… Continue reading Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 3: Exercises and Accessories


Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 2: Fibers and yarns

Let’s talk about fibers. Wool is know for being squishy and bouncy with natural elasticity that makes it perfect for both knitting and crochet. However, it’s not perfect for every person or every situation. Wool or wool superwash blends frequently retain that elasticity while reducing allergies from lanolin (in the case of superwash), adding loft,… Continue reading Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 2: Fibers and yarns


Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 1: Needles & Techniques

The days of only finding one style of needle or hook in the craft aisle at the local grocery store are long over. Thanks to the internet, international shipping, and several clever and talented independent creators, there are now a plethora of needle and hook styles available that can help extend your crafting time. If… Continue reading Chronic Pain and Crafting, Part 1: Needles & Techniques

Knit Tea

Knit Tea November 2022

Lady Dye Yarns has come under fire for failing to ship subscription boxes on time. In the latest fandom-themed release, boxes have arrived with contents for the incorrect fandom, missing items, or simply not been shipped at all. Customers have been filing disputes to try to get refunds, which LDY has been fighting tooth and… Continue reading Knit Tea November 2022


Halloween Knitting Patterns

Anyone else pumped to get into spooky season? You know I'm always excited for anything involving ghosts and witches. Here are a few spooky-themed patterns to inspire you for fall. Note: All links go to Ravelry unless otherwise noted. https://images4-f.ravelrycache.com/uploads/SaraRBarbosa/812006614/IMG_20211012_132123_medium2.jpg Halloween Dolls Set by Sara Barbosa Halloween Bat by Mariya Stany https://images4-g.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Lululoves/654547027/CrochetWebCollar2.jpg Halloween Web Collar… Continue reading Halloween Knitting Patterns


Knit Tea September 2022

September 11, 2022–Canada’s Great Northwest Fibre Fest has been announced, but only limited details are available at this time. Continue to check their website for updates. September 16-18, 2022--Cumberland Mountain Yarn retreat hosted by The Yarn Patch in Crossville, TN. There are a ton of planned activities and classes in every fiber discipline you can imagine, but… Continue reading Knit Tea September 2022