Sophia Beaumont

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No one can change where they come from. All we can do is decide where we’re going.

Sophia Beaumont was born and raised in Ohio, where she dreamed of living anyplace but.

Surrounded by books from an early age, her first love was historical fiction, but she also has a passion for urban fantasy. Her debut YA novel, THE SPIDER’S WEB, was originally published by Torquere Press in 2016.

After the closure of Torquere at the end of 2016, Sophia turned to self publishing, producing the three books of The Evie Cappelli series (THE SPIDER’S WEB, THE FERRYMEN, and MOREAU HOUSE) and ALL FOR ONE, a YA adventure novel that was the 2017 #Shoreindie runner up.

Sophia is an avid knitter and enjoys designing knitting and crochet patterns. You can find some of her patterns here. Knitting, textiles, and their impact on community and mental health frequently pop up in her books.

In addition to rural Ohio, she has also lived in Florence, Italy and Montreal, Quebec, where she hopes to one day return. She recently moved to Seattle with her partner in crime, Missouri Dalton (aka Ash K. Alexander), and a number of fluffy assistants.

Sophia provides a variety of free and low-cost services to writers, youth organizations, libraries, book groups, etc, including personal appearances, critiques, sensitivity reading, and reviews. For more information, please check the Services tab above.

Upcoming Events:

No events are scheduled at this time.

Past Appearances: 

Panelist for the Urban Fantasy panel hosted by The Weeknight Writers.

Interview on The Write Start about books and publishing.

Interview on the Fiber Nation Podcast about Sarah Josepha Hale and how Gody’s Ladies’ Book changed the face of publishing and employment for women.

Upcoming Releases: 

July 5, 2022: Magic in the Jazz Age, sequel to Magic in the Headlines. To be the first to find out about upcoming books, sign up for the newsletter, or join the Patreon!

October 2022: Publishing Roadmap Workbook

December 2022: Author Roadmap ombnibus edition


The best way to reach Sophia is via email, KnotMagickKnitter (at) gmail (dot) com.


Nanowrimo Workbook
This workbook is designed to help you win Nanowrimo and make the most of your 50,000 words. Track your writing progress, get practice exercises before November 1, and learn what works best for YOU.

New Author Workbook
Looking to write a book, but not sure where to start? This short booklet will walk you through pinning down an idea (fiction or nonfiction), outlining, creating a writing routine that works for you, revising, how to find and work with an editor, and more. This is the first book in the Author Roadmap series, designed to take you from just thinking about writing to querying or self publishing. The workbook includes a place to store your own sources and reference information, worksheets to help you plot and plan your schedule and your book, as well as links to outside resources including other authors, editors, and publications.

Magic in the Headlines
Book 1 in the AJ Marshall series

Genre: Jazzpunk mystery
Format: ebook only

Aurora Jane “AJ” Marshall has wanted to be a reporter from the day she first sat on her father’s lap reading the headlines. The 1920s are supposed to be all about freedom, and women are flaunting their independence as voting flappers who drive cars and smoke cigarettes. Well, AJ can’t smoke because of her asthma, and her best friend Oliver keeps telling her not to drive because of her bad vision. But what does he know? He’s a ghost!
When an airship crashes just outside of Chicago, AJ knows her chance for a big byline is at hand. Could it be pirates? Mobsters? Or is it the mysterious Ghost Ship, linked to missing people and ghosts all over the city? There’s only one way to find out. AJ Marshall is on the case.

She just has to convince her old classmate and rival, Jasper, to give up his claim to the story. But Jasper has a lead of his own, and it might be more beneficial if they help each other…or will it?

Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due

Genre: YA historical mystery
Format: ebook only

Columbus, Ohio in 1922 is supposed to be a dry city, but most people still know where to go to find booze. Sixteen-year-old Dru Faust isn’t looking for a drink though; she just wants to dance. But when a new moonshine hits the market and starts sending people to the hospital–including one of her best friends–she will do anything to track down the people responsible.


Bind Off: The Complete Evie Cappelli Series

Genre: YA urban fantasy
Format: ebook, paperback

Combining all three books, the prequel novella, all the short stories, PLUS an all-new short and four knitting patterns, The Evie Cappelli Collection “Binds Off” this urban fantasy series.

Follow Evie’s journey from hesitant mental health patient to certified law enforcement agent for the secretive Patrol de Nuit, the Montreal Night Shift.

All For One small


Genre: YA action/adventure
Formats: Paperback and ebook

In 1862, the Republic of Quebec has a constitutional monarchy. Under the influence of its matriarchal leaders, Quebec is the first country to grant equal rights to all citizens, regardless of gender.

Louise Drapeau is willing and eager to take advantage of these rights as she travels from her small town to the capital to join the most elite fighting force in the country, the all-female Queen’s Guard, also known as the Musketeers. She’s barely in the city twenty-four hours, however, when she uncovers a plot to kill the queen, headed by Quebec’s First Minister, Cardinal Lefebvre.

With the help of her three new friends—Portia, Athena, and Arabella—Louise must unravel the increasingly complex politics of the palace in order to not only save the queen but to keep neutral Quebec out of the Civil War raging just a few hundred miles south in the United States.

Surely this will be enough to get her into the Musketeers—if she can survive.


MOREAU HOUSE, Evie Cappelli book 3

Genre: YA urban fantasy
Format: Paperback and ebook

Evie Cappelli is not a people-person.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend Micha definitely is, and so Evie gets dragged along for a weekend of ghost hunting with her cousin, his boyfriend, and three of their friends.

A trained Night Patrol officer and one of Hekate’s ferrymen, Evie assumes she’ll have more trouble from the living than the dead on this trip, but the eerie farm house quickly exceeds expectations with mysterious noises, disembodied voices, and objects that move on their own.

But when one of their number vanishes in the middle of the investigation, the danger becomes palpable, and it’s up to Evie and Micha ensure they make it through the night.

Content warning: child abuse

THE FERRYMEN, Evie Cappelli book 2

Genre: YA urban fantasy
Format: Paperback & ebook

Nearly a year after her failed suicide attempt, Evie Cappelli is still seeing ghosts.

That’s okay, though. It’s landed her a high paying—but not glamorous—job in supernatural law enforcement with the Montreal Night Patrol, and Micha (the ghost of her fiancée in a former life) as well as her living, breathing friends are helping her get her mental health back on track. She’s even got temporary protection from the cult of Athena, who want her dead.

But when Micha suddenly becomes unstable, Evie will have to cross international borders and steal 2 priceless artifacts if she wants to keep him on this plane. That might be tricky when the Chicago Night Shift gets involved. She’ll need their help to cast such a powerful, dangerous spell, but with a serial killer, zombies, and a questionable group of psychics and necromancers roaming Chicago, Evie and Micha are at the bottom of the list.

Time is running out, and Hekate’s protection is wearing off fast. Can Evie keep Micha—and herself—together long enough?

Content warning: anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation


The Spider’s Web

Genre: YA urban fantasy
Format: Paperback & ebook

After being released from a Toronto psych ward, Evie decides her life needs a drastic change. Moving 500 kilometers east to stay with her aunt in Montreal, however, is not turning out as expected. Though she loves the city, she can’t outrun the problems that drove her to the edge in the first place.

Recovery might be a little easier if not for Micha. Handsome, kind, always willing to help Evie or cheer her on–and completely invisible to everyone else. He seems to think he’s some kind of guardian angel, and she might need one now that things have gone from bad to just plain weird.

It started with the spiders. Then the owls started following her. Ghosts, goddesses, and secret societies are just the icing on the cake. She’s going to need help from some very powerful friends if she wants to make it to her next birthday, but when one of those friends is the goddess of the underworld, her guardian angel might have to start working overtime.

Content warning: anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation