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Retro Laptop

I’m a bit late this time around. Yesterday was insane, and today left me exhausted even before unexpected (though still welcome) visitors arrived. Now that the typecast is up, I think it’s time for bed.

5 thoughts on “Retro Laptop”

  1. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I did quite a few major repairs to mine this past summer. Cheaper than a new one, but I use Linux and can keep a PC running at top speed reliably for about 10 years before I need to replace the PC.Typewriters; The laptop that does not fail.Sweet dreams.


  2. I repaired my own Macbook a couple of years ago, after the hinge broke, and the case subsequently came a cropper. You are unlikely to damage your screen, but I can understand your caution. And if you are feeling brave, and I mean really brave, you can usually pick up some hinges on ebay for about $20, and a new lid for about the same. There's a guide on iFixit on how to get to the hinge. But it is not easy. Not by a long-shot. Various parts are glued down and there's more screws than stars that you can see from your bedroom window. And you will feel like nothing is clicking back into place like it should, most importantly the monitor cable.


  3. I thought about trying that, but since I usually consider myself lucky if I can turn it on and prepare a document without breaking it, I better not try major surgery. So for now it is a doorstop, and maybe after Christmas or when I get my tax return I'll get it fixed properly.


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