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Stash Enhancement

The suitcase full of yarn got a few additions this week. My check for the Joann’s Knitting and crochet booklet (due out in December) came this week, so I promptly deposited it and bought food, followed in short order by yarn (see? I have my priorities straight. Sometimes).

First, my Knitpicks order came in. I can’t show you all of that, since I don’t know if my swap partner reads this blog (I highly doubt it, but better safe than sorry). I can, however, show you this yarn:

I love the color. This is partially for me–I get to knit something out of it, and that’s great because it’s my favorite color and I’m in the mood to knit socks after those illusion projects–and partially a gift, since the finished object is going to someone else. Which, you know, completely justifies the purchase of yarn.

KnitPicks “Comfy Fingering” color B979

Speaking of those illusion projects, though, I’m about to cast on for the next pattern (which I will actually have to work out by hand before I can write it down, unlike the others). The pink was on a super clearance at The Yarn Shop. I got three balls for $6. The white was a little pricier. I’m not completely sold on either, even though they are the pallet I wanted. The yarn I wanted to use would have been about $40 all told, and was a little out of the budget. I’ll try this and see how it works out. Swatching for that project will commence later tonight.

It amuses me that the name of the yarn is “Dazed.”
Feza “Dazed,” color 46.

Cascade “Ultra Pima,” color 3728
  Those color names sure are descriptive, aren’t they?

I was able to cast off the Super Secret Project #1 earlier, and it is blocking on the floor in front of my closet as I write this. A note for anyone who wants to buy me a Christmas present: I want a Steam Buddy. It’s a little gadget meant for steaming wrinkles out of clothing, but knitters use it for blocking–especially blocking acrylic, since it doesn’t wet-block very well.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a book proposal to write.