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Three days and counting

Only three days left until Nano gets into full swing. Do you have your outlines? Your notebooks? Extra ribbons? A backup drive?I've been woefully lax in my typewriter repairs. I've set the Woodstock aside for the moment, since I don't plan on using it as my primary machine. Mostly I'll be using the laptop since… Continue reading Three days and counting

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How Modern Knitters Fix Old Tech

So I finally sat down with the steampunk-typewriter-to-be over the weekend. Can you believe, I'd actually forgotten about it? I couldn't even remember what kind it was, other than a brown portable with green keys. Yeah, that's really helpful when looking up information. It doesn't help that nowhere on the machine or the case is… Continue reading How Modern Knitters Fix Old Tech

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20’s Week Part III: Typewriters!

The 1920s and 30s are my favorite decades for typewriters, aesthetically speaking. I love the candy colors of the 20s, and the lines of the 30s. This was also a great time for portable typewriters, as they became more solid and reliable. 1924 even saw the introduction of the first electric typewriter (okay it was… Continue reading 20’s Week Part III: Typewriters!

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Long Time, No See

I took a break from my writing break and have been working on a couple of stories that have been running through my head. The first is a sequel to "Birds of a Feather." I had another sequel written, but was very unhappy with it. We'll see if try number two is any better, or… Continue reading Long Time, No See

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I was working in the lab, late one night…

Thanks to everyone who commented last week with suggestions on how to remove the platen on the Remington. I spent part of last week finishing with the cleaning of the type bars, and then pulled out my tool kit to take off the platen.Once I had an idea of what I was doing, it sounded… Continue reading I was working in the lab, late one night…

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The Black Gunge of DEWM

While I still have serious doubts about my ability to compete in this year's NaNoWriMos, I am doing my best to prepare. I'll probably do most of my writing long hand, since I do not have a good computer set up for long writing sessions (goal #1: obtain a desk), and none of my typewriters… Continue reading The Black Gunge of DEWM

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Retro Laptop

 I'm a bit late this time around. Yesterday was insane, and today left me exhausted even before unexpected (though still welcome) visitors arrived. Now that the typecast is up, I think it's time for bed.

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I brought the Remington 3 portable back from my parent's today with the intention of fixing it up. I've been searching youtube hoping to find some videos to help out, but so far nothing of use has popped up. I did, however, find this, which is quite interesting:Judging by the close up at the very… Continue reading Remy

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And Now a Word from our Sponsors

I have reached a decision. I have been trying for months to refurbish the Royalite, and I really wanted to use it. However, every time I try to use it I want to throw it out a window. I don't think there's really anything WRONG or broken (except the tab key), it just doesn't work… Continue reading And Now a Word from our Sponsors

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Costume p0rn and Typewriters IV

The MummyI know I've talked about The Mummy and The Mummy Returns on this blog before, way back when. Why do I love these movies so much? I don't know. They aren't even remotely historically accurate, the mythology is way off base, the plots are so-so, and I have to cover my eyes any time… Continue reading Costume p0rn and Typewriters IV