By the Grace and ARC Availability

It is difficult enough in this age of awareness to be autistic, but in 1918 it didn’t yet exist as a diagnosis. With no vocabulary to describe her experiences or explain why certain things bother her, Julia Grace must navigate the social minefield that is Mt. Sinai School for Young Ladies. She leans on her… Continue reading By the Grace and ARC Availability

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Robyn Schneider

One of my favorite new-to-me authors of 2015 was Robyn Schneider. I was introduced to her books a couple of years ago through her youtube channel, where she posts energetic, funny videos about everything from makeup and fashion to puns and writing. Last year, I read a both of her YA contemporary novels, The Beginning… Continue reading Robyn Schneider


October Book Haul!

Yes, I know, I'm a little late. At any rate, I picked up several new books the last week of October/First week of November. I got a total of seven--three hardbacks, a paperback, and 3 ebooks. There were also a couple of library books in there, but that is a whole other post. 🙂  … Continue reading October Book Haul!


Most Valuable Reads

This would come as a shock to anyone who knows me now, but when I was a kid, I didn't really like to read. I enjoyed being read to, and I didn't have any problems with the reading itself; I was perfectly able to do it and understand the words, but I would have preferred… Continue reading Most Valuable Reads