Full Time, Part Time, Double Time: Writing and a Day Job

When people find out I'm a writer, the conversation usually takes a specific turn. The first question is usually, "Do you have a real job?" Nevermind the way this question makes my left eye twitch, yes, I do have a day job. The second question is always, "How do you manage to do both?" Oddly… Continue reading Full Time, Part Time, Double Time: Writing and a Day Job

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Is it over yet?

This week has been sooo long, and it's not over yet. Last weekend was a big family celebration. I went up to the lake with my parents, grandma, and aunt, and we celebrated Father's Day/my birthday. Tons of fun and great food were had by all, and i walked away with a great steampunk hat,… Continue reading Is it over yet?



It has been a very long, exhausting week and I've spent almost none of it at home since Saturday. The cat is pretty pissed off about this, and showed it by knocking over a lamp and breaking the bulb (on carpet) while I was gone, and then waking me up every 30 minutes on my… Continue reading Bullseye


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

As you may have gathered from last Monday's post, I do in fact have a new job. I alluded to it a few weeks ago, with my sewing failure. Since I don't like to name my employer on social media, I'll just say that I am doing production sewing for a local company, that I… Continue reading Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

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To Do List

The things that have to be done by Saturday or OH MY GOD THE WORLD WILL END: 1. Finish Anthropology Essay--45 minutes 2. Do Anthropology readings and responses (about 50 pages)--1 hour 3. Get caught up on vest for Construction (I'm only a week behind...which means everyone else is probably finishing theirs today).--three hours 4.… Continue reading To Do List