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Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

1. Typewriter In an ideal world, I would love for all of my typewriters to be in perfect working order. But since I'm mechanically inept and there's no repair shop around here, I'll settle for window shopping other models (Oh, woe is me, I am looking at typewriters...) In all honesty, I could do an… Continue reading Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

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Wish List, Part 1: Knitters and Crafters

Every year I usually do short lists of gift ideas for knitters, for those looking for last minute ideas (last year's is here). This year, I though that I'd do something a little different, and list a few of the things that I'm hoping will be under the Christmas tree this year. Some of them… Continue reading Wish List, Part 1: Knitters and Crafters