Anyone got a lighter?

My knitting is not going well this week. Actually, most of my week isn't going well this week. In terms of knitting, I've had to frog a project that I've been working on since May--my village socks. I discovered multiple problems with the fit of the toe, foot, and heel, and when I ripped back… Continue reading Anyone got a lighter?


The Yarny Bits

Projects finished: 4 washcloths and a headband Nothing terribly earth shattering. I've got a couple of ongoing projects: The village socks. The village season is pretty much over, but I've still got a foot  and heel to finish. I'm also swatching for a shrug. I started out really excited for this project, but now I'm… Continue reading The Yarny Bits

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Works in Progress

Oh, hi Friday! You snuck up on me. When did you get here?  I've been working on several projects lately, and I've even finished one! I finished the village socks with only a little yarn left over. This is an improvised pattern. I think I have my own personal sock recipe down for the most… Continue reading Works in Progress