I'm going to be on vacation the next few days and with the holiday coming up here in the US, I'm going to take a few days off from the blog. Need a fix in the mean time? Don't forget to look for my books on Amazon and Etsy, and I've got several reviews scheduled… Continue reading Vacation

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Imaginary Vacation

since I'm once again too broke to actually go someplace for my vacation, I'm trying to make the best of it in my living room. I've got my smoothie, my favorite summertime drink, complete with frilly umbrella. All of the curtains are pulled back to let the sun into the living room. It's still far… Continue reading Imaginary Vacation


Travel Tuesday: Florida Edition

Currently reading: Midnight's Daughter In the DVD player: The Princess Bride Did you miss me? I’m back home now, after spending a week down in central Florida with family. That typewriter post actually came from down there, since I just couldn’t wait to share it. The family lives on the Treasure Coast of Florida, which… Continue reading Travel Tuesday: Florida Edition