Typecast #5

Here is an image of the logo and sticker on the front of the machine (obviously taken before I finished cleaning it). Sorry about the poor quality of that typecast--apparently, purple ribbon ink doesn't scan very well, and even photoshop had trouble with it. __________ Did you guys see this article on Yahoo this morning?… Continue reading Typecast #5


Type spotting…Tuesday

So the other day, we were chatting with my aunt and uncle and told them the story of how I got my first typewriter, Henry (Royal KMM): My parents were at an auction, and spotted a cluster of items up for sale. Among them was the dusty Royal standard, and they decided to bid on… Continue reading Type spotting…Tuesday


Personal History

It is hard to believe that less than five months ago, I didn't even know that the Typoshere existed. Sure, I had a vague idea that somewhere out there, a few people might collect one or two old machines, but that they actually still used them and that there was a community around that usage… Continue reading Personal History


Oil Can

In the DVD player: Charmed, Season 1 Currently Reading: Dracula It seems to be Theme Week here at chez KnotMagick. Maybe the Oz theme is coming from the fact that I heard "If I only had a brain" on the radio the other day (did I mention the new car came with satellite radio? Awesome!… Continue reading Oil Can


A Good Day for the Tin Man

In the DVD player: When in Rome Currently Reading: The Golden Fleece and the Heroes before Achilles We finally had a break in the weather, so this morning I hauled Oliver and Henry outside to apply the rust converter. The '53 is still in the garage, so I made do with a sunny spot on… Continue reading A Good Day for the Tin Man


Type Spotting Sunday

There hasn't been a typecast in a while, and probably won't be for at least a few more weeks for a couple of reasons. First, with both of my parents home all day, every day now, I don't have a lot of alone time to write one. For some reason, I'm the only one in… Continue reading Type Spotting Sunday


The Obsession Grows

If you aren't interested in vintage, antiques, or typewriters, go ahead and skip this post. I promise I'm still knitting and will write more about that soon. For everyone else: Squee!! So in the last two days I've spent the vast majority of my time at home scouring the internet for information on typewriters. I've… Continue reading The Obsession Grows


I have a new obsession.

Meet Henry. Henry is a 1945-46 (to the best of my knowledge, based on his serial number) Royal KMM manual typewriter. I’ve been wanting a manual typewriter (or two, or three) for years and years, but I figured that I didn’t need another hobby and that with the prevalence of computers now I wouldn’t be… Continue reading I have a new obsession.