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Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.

I'm still trying to find an 1890s typewriter, but having zero luck. I'm rather surprised that there isn't one in the museum collection already, but I suppose they don't come up that often. Last weekend, I spent Saturday trolling antique malls and flea markets with my mom as we searched for something suitable. I saw a… Continue reading Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.


The Age of Entertainment: Postwar and 1950s

Today marks the wrap up of The Age of Entertainment. I could go on into the 60s, 70s, and even 80s and 90s, but I won't. For starters, I've already talked a lot about media from those decades (See my post about Pam Am, to begin with), but for many of you, this is getting… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Postwar and 1950s

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Love Letter from Woodstock

  P.S. I decided to go with Louis, after Louis Armstrong, because this typer has soul. P.P.S. I've written a few pages with Louis now, and after about page three the ribbon randomly reversed direction and started advancing correctly. No idea what triggered the change, I can only assume that in my blind fumbling of… Continue reading Love Letter from Woodstock


The meeting of the Hobbies

Has anyone else seen this clip? It's great--in which an avid typewriter collector plays a trick on an avid knitter. Really, I might have to see Larry Crowne, just for the connection. I don't think you could get a better clip for this blog, except, of course, that the prank doesn't actually involve typewriters. Perhaps… Continue reading The meeting of the Hobbies


Okay, I Caved.

Currently Watching: The Lord of the Rings Currently Reading: Dead Beat I caved. I recorded a trial episode of a typewriter podcast. Podcast Powered By Podbean Shownotes for Typecast can be found here, as well as a streaming function. I have also submitted it to Itunes; not sure how long it will be before it… Continue reading Okay, I Caved.


Typecasting–No, not like that

I promise, it might start with knitting but it does come back to typewriters. 🙂 Sent from my Royal KMM.


Typespotting and shopping

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but I just got back from the bank. In their window display they had two typewriters--an Oliver 9 (much cleaner than my own), and an Underwood portable that wasn't fooling anyone about it's ability to actually type, since the type bars were sticking up at strange angles and the… Continue reading Typespotting and shopping