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Randomly, from the Internet

As I frequently ask myself--why don't I live in England? Kingston University is now offering a Masters program in knitwear design. *Sigh.* If only I didn't have to earn a living. There are about four Master's programs that I would love to enroll in right now (not all of them knitwear related). I also spied… Continue reading Randomly, from the Internet


Typewriter Month

Whoops. It looks like once again, I missed ITAM. I've been meaning to get out the typewriters for the last few weeks, but there's usually someone asleep every time I have a chance, and Louis, my dear old (LOUD) Woodstock, just doesn't go over very well with the roommate.  She is generally supportive of the… Continue reading Typewriter Month

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Imaginary Vacation

since I'm once again too broke to actually go someplace for my vacation, I'm trying to make the best of it in my living room. I've got my smoothie, my favorite summertime drink, complete with frilly umbrella. All of the curtains are pulled back to let the sun into the living room. It's still far… Continue reading Imaginary Vacation

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Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

1. Typewriter In an ideal world, I would love for all of my typewriters to be in perfect working order. But since I'm mechanically inept and there's no repair shop around here, I'll settle for window shopping other models (Oh, woe is me, I am looking at typewriters...) In all honesty, I could do an… Continue reading Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers



Currently reading: Proven Guilty In the DVD player: Iron Jawed Angels I've been going through my extensive film library, trying to compile a list of movies and tv shows that include typewriters, and the makes and models where possible. Last night I got to watch one of my favorites: Iron Jawed Angels. For starters, the… Continue reading Mabel


Typewriters at Bedtime

Reading: Treasure Island Watching: Get Smart the Movie Just to clarify: When I mentioned the podcast, I was intending to do it myself. The think is, with being so new to the hobby, I would like to see more listener participation than I have with the podcasts I've produced previously (writing in, comments/questions, things like… Continue reading Typewriters at Bedtime


Typecasting–No, not like that

I promise, it might start with knitting but it does come back to typewriters. 🙂 Sent from my Royal KMM.


A Small Celebration

I'm not much of a video person, so I took this photo this morning to celebrate International Typewriter day. I wanted to have a typecast to share, but really, haven't had much of interest to say. I did however, figure that it was high time I added in some of that knitting I mentioned in… Continue reading A Small Celebration


Typecast #5

Here is an image of the logo and sticker on the front of the machine (obviously taken before I finished cleaning it). Sorry about the poor quality of that typecast--apparently, purple ribbon ink doesn't scan very well, and even photoshop had trouble with it. __________ Did you guys see this article on Yahoo this morning?… Continue reading Typecast #5