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Time Jump

Last weekend was our season opening at the village. It was busy, and exciting, and so much fun, even if we did get rained out on Saturday afternoon. Since we have moved into the 1890s, I've updated my character a bit. Instead of working for the Sanitary Commission like her predecessor, Miss Charlotte Brown (so… Continue reading Time Jump

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Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.

I'm still trying to find an 1890s typewriter, but having zero luck. I'm rather surprised that there isn't one in the museum collection already, but I suppose they don't come up that often. Last weekend, I spent Saturday trolling antique malls and flea markets with my mom as we searched for something suitable. I saw a… Continue reading Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.


Movies with Writers

Editing is the hardest part of writing, in my opinion. I've been looking for something of the cinematic variety to help motivate me. Do you have a favorite writer movie or television show? Something that motivates you when you need to put your word count in, or slog through miles and miles of red ink?… Continue reading Movies with Writers

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The Race Is On

It's the last seven days of Nano. I'm within 10,000 words of completion. The Nano website says that I can do it, but so far every week this month I've had 1-2 days were there was simply no time to write. I've been making up the loss at weekend write ins (Hurray for the Sterling!… Continue reading The Race Is On

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In & Out

November is kicking my butt. I go to work. I come home. I write. And then it's usually time for bed and starting all over again. Last week I managed to do other things, and the end result was that I wound up two days behind in my word count. I'm finally back where I… Continue reading In & Out

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Nano Type-In, Part the First

What is one to do when there are no type ins in their area? Host one's own, of course. I've always wanted to use a typewriter for nano, but due to...restraints, I couldn't. I also keep wanting to take one to type ins, now that I have a functionable portable, but I'm always afraid of… Continue reading Nano Type-In, Part the First


Notes and Invites

If you need further directions for the Type-in, you can email me at knotmagickknitter@gmail.com, or you can drop me a line on Nano, where I hang out under the name Sine Peril.

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Shh. Don't tell. I really wanted to do Nano with a typewriter this year. The sterling would be perfect for just such a task, and I've been meaning to give Henry and Louis more of a workout. But once again, I caved to convenience. It comes down to one simple fact: I type faster on… Continue reading Mechanics

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The World’s Fair, Sans Pictures

So last weekend I got a nice little sunburn working at the Historical Society for the World of Ohio Fair. This was the first year for what they hope will be an annual event, and it was a ton of fun! Throughout the weekend, we had entertainment--Irish step dancers, local independent artists, German dance, as… Continue reading The World’s Fair, Sans Pictures


The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)

This is another period in history that I love reading about and watching on film, but would never survive if I were somehow transported back to it. I would last about ten minutes before being carted off to an asylum for "female hysteria" (i.e. calling someone on their BS and refusing to look decorative in… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)