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The "Holy S**t It's Cold!" Cowl Yarn: Handspun--tussah silk, actually, not milk fiber like I thought. (See? Keep your notes, people). The original post about the dying process is here. I weighed the cowl, and it is 1.3 oz. Needles: US 4/3.5 mm Pattern: improvised Gauge: 24sts x 4″

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Love Letter from Woodstock

  P.S. I decided to go with Louis, after Louis Armstrong, because this typer has soul. P.P.S. I've written a few pages with Louis now, and after about page three the ribbon randomly reversed direction and started advancing correctly. No idea what triggered the change, I can only assume that in my blind fumbling of… Continue reading Love Letter from Woodstock


Typecasting–No, not like that

I promise, it might start with knitting but it does come back to typewriters. 🙂 Sent from my Royal KMM.


Typecast #4

Sent from his Royal highness, Prince Henry, my Royal KMM. Click to enlarge.


Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.

It works!! So now I'll just stick the typewriter posts in as scans, and you can skip down to the knitting bits if you so desire. Just click on the images to make them bigger/readable. Since the ribbons got here about two weeks (!!) before I was expecting them, I don't have a lot to… Continue reading Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.