Alice and I arrived safely last 3:30 in the morning. Our flight was delayed by an hour (which was kind of funny, since I'd never flown with Ryan Air before, and their sign at the airport said "The On Time Airline" (Their literature, however, read "The Low Price Airline". I Thought that was a… Continue reading Landing


Take Off

I forgot to mention the other day that we tried that Chinese place, Peking Restaurant. The day I wrote the entry, they were actually closed. We think they close at 5pm, if not earlier, which is strange. So I walked all the way down to another take away place for some food that was kind… Continue reading Take Off

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Loose Ends

I'm trying to get everything done today. Took my last exam this morning, which is a huge relief, so now I'm trying to do research for my thesis. Went back and reserved a book from the local library back home and put in a vacation hold so that it will be waiting for me in… Continue reading Loose Ends

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I was updating my book list, and realized that when I finished Where there's a Witch the other day I hit my 52 book goal. It seems a little like cheating though, since the last book was one that I read earlier in the year, so I'm not going to count is as officially finished… Continue reading Browsing

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Shake, Rattle and Roll (or not)

Ohio gets several tornadoes per year (about 16), and many, many violent thunderstorms. From the time I was little, I usually slept through them. It takes a pretty bad storm to wake me up. I've slept straight through a tornado watch in which my mom was gathering everything to go down to the basement to… Continue reading Shake, Rattle and Roll (or not)

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Ciao, Bellas.

I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I just moved to the other side of it. I had to take a few days and acclimated. Between jet lag, insomnia, a cold, and then general whirl wind of figuring what was needed immediately for the apartment, what could wait, what fees still needed paid… Continue reading Ciao, Bellas.

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The Last Forty-Eight Hours

They say that the first 48 hours are the most important part of an investigation. When one is preparing to leave the country, however, often it's the reverse. The last 48 hours in one location are often a flurry of packing, ticket double checking, making sure all electronics are off and unplugged, catching up on… Continue reading The Last Forty-Eight Hours

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In Control?

So Alice and I met with the representative from the Italian Consulate this morning, sighed our paperwork, and then mailed everything out for approval by the consulate (whose nearest office is in Detroit). I get really nervous when I don't know exactly where my passport is, and I have a very good reason. When I… Continue reading In Control?


I hate moving.

July is moving too quickly. In less than five weeks, I'm supposed to be in Italy, and I haven't even gotten my Visa paperwork sent out yet. Packing is at a stand still. I hate moving, and I espcially hate the temporary moves I've been making for school--three weeks here, four months there, six here.… Continue reading I hate moving.



Yesterday I was walking around the area immediately around the apartment, and I happened across the Holy Land: Barnes and Noble. Normally, a chain store wouldn't be that exciting, but it was a book store so I went in anyway. I found a whole bunch of reference books that I'd never seen before. In the… Continue reading Exhaustion