Travel Tuesday: Being Sick Abroad

I'm not feeling so hot today, so I though I'd do a little travel blog to cheer myself up and share some of my experiences of being sick abroad. I'm one of those people that seems to get sick every time I leave the house, so I've got plenty of experience to draw from :)… Continue reading Travel Tuesday: Being Sick Abroad



In the DVD Player: Sense and Sensibility Currently Reading: The Poisoner's Handbook I finally managed to get a shot of the finished corset arm warmers, and I've got the pattern up on Ravelry. Like my other patterns, it is currently available for free, and can be downloaded directly from the site (if you checked out… Continue reading On


Happiness is a Full Bookshelf

This is my current reading list. I am in the middle of Ghost Hunters, which is a non-fiction account of early paranormal investigators in the Victorian era; I got the itch last night to re-read my favorite Mercedes Lackey book (which also happens to be the first fantasy book I ever read that wasn't Harry… Continue reading Happiness is a Full Bookshelf


(Cautiously) Looking Up

The school extended housing through tonight free of charge. If I have to stay Thursday night, I have to pay 20 euro, but I'm hoping it won't come to that. After three days of trying to contact the airline and the travel agency, I finally managed to get through and rebook. I am now (hopefully)… Continue reading (Cautiously) Looking Up


Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

My travel plans died, thanks to Mount Whatsit in Iceland. My flight has been canceled, all flights are grounded until at least Thursday, and I can't contact the travel agency or either of my airlines by phone or email. I really wish I could teleport right now. We don't know where we are staying beyond… Continue reading Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust


The Luck of the Irish

Landing in a foreign country is always very exciting, and also a little scary. This time, I felt an insane sense of relief--for the next six days, I don't have to attempt to speak a foreign language every time I open my mouth. Now, having been in Ireland for all of two hours, I can… Continue reading The Luck of the Irish

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Calm Before the Storm

I finished editing Life is a Zoo last week, but I still feel that the book is unfinished. I like the flow, but I have two problem points: the exposition at the end of the book is too tell-all confession; there isn't enough peeling back plot layers to discover what has happened. Second, I don't… Continue reading Calm Before the Storm


Bath and Shower

Bath was lovely. We went on two walks: The first was Bizzar Bath, which runs every night is a comedy tour of the strange and weird in Bath. Not historical, just funny. At one point our guide was talking about lay lines and nodes and how they affect Bath. Right in the middle of his… Continue reading Bath and Shower



Busy, busy days. We have seen so much stuff in the last few days. Buckingham Palace, Parliment, Westminster, the Tower Bridge, Picadilly, China Town. Alice swears that she saw Bill Nighy when we were in Picadilly, but I was facing the wrong direction and she didn't want to say anything. I guess he was about… Continue reading Chill



There were three things that we desperately needed yesterday, and didn't manage to find until after I made that last post. The first was deoderant. Neither Alice nor I had one small enough to qualify for a carry on. We found a Boots (pharmacy)directy across from the mall, about a block from our hostel. It's… Continue reading Soup