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I had my thesis review yesterday, so I've got to turn in the final edits by tomorrow. The frustrating thing? Out of the four teachers and two TAs in the review, only two of them had bothered to read my thesis. In Alice's case, only one teacher bothered to read it. We spend so much… Continue reading Review


Short and Sweet

But getting longer. In other news, this video broke me a little.



I posted the first chapter of the new Cassie Tanner novel on Fiction Press this morning. If you would like to read it, you can do so from here (you may need to make an account to read it, but it's free, and will allow you to leave comments and sign up for notifications when… Continue reading Linked

thesis show

(Spring) Break?

Okay, I've been meaning to update for a couple of weeks now. First off, the show went up the first week of March, and while I won't call it a hit, it was something of a success. There was a small turn out for the reception (we still have two tupperware containers of mini muffins… Continue reading (Spring) Break?

college life

To Do List

The things that have to be done by Saturday or OH MY GOD THE WORLD WILL END: 1. Finish Anthropology Essay--45 minutes 2. Do Anthropology readings and responses (about 50 pages)--1 hour 3. Get caught up on vest for Construction (I'm only a week behind...which means everyone else is probably finishing theirs today).--three hours 4.… Continue reading To Do List


Bullet Points

1. I'm taking a page from Crazy Aunt Purl and doing this list style, because I'm too scatter brained for anything coherent. 2. Vanyel is the new love of my life. I'm working on a three ply right now, and have fiber on five of my six bobbins. 3. My show will officially open in… Continue reading Bullet Points