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Shh. Don't tell. I really wanted to do Nano with a typewriter this year. The sterling would be perfect for just such a task, and I've been meaning to give Henry and Louis more of a workout. But once again, I caved to convenience. It comes down to one simple fact: I type faster on… Continue reading Mechanics


Blue (and all the other colors, too)

Currently Reading: Death's Mistress Currently Watching: Star Trek TOS season 2 This week has been positively tragic in terms of technology. It's getting better, but I'm still avoiding pretty much anything that requires and electrical outlet. Thankfully, George (the laptop, named after the Nancy Drew character) is used to my slightly magnetic personality and doesn't… Continue reading Blue (and all the other colors, too)


Technology sucks (but I love it anyway)

I've been putting off updating until I had pictures, and also because well, I'm in the middle of nowhere and there really isn't much to say. First though, the pictures. Once more, I have been thwarted by my camera. I bought a new Fuji FinePiz Z20 almost as soon as I got back. I love… Continue reading Technology sucks (but I love it anyway)


Pardon me while I flash you.

After buying new batteries, I managed to get the camera to turn on and take photos. The problem is that my display is broken, so I can't control things like zoom, flash, or the timer. So rather than the really good photos I promised, you just get photos. I'm not even going to try to… Continue reading Pardon me while I flash you.


*grumble grumble*

My camera isn't working. Really. The cap on my bottle of water decided yesterday to unscrewitself while it was in my purse. Water all over my cell, laptop, camera, ipod and translator. Thankfully, only the camera seems to be harmed. I'll wait for it to dry out some more and then try again. It was… Continue reading *grumble grumble*