Can I get that in writing?

I talked to my mom a little yesterday, when I had to go home to pick up SACI paperwork. Not for the first time, I told her how I could never be happy in Ohio. Her response? "Well, as long as you keep in touch." I could not believe my ears. She is going to… Continue reading Can I get that in writing?



How do you tell your family you want to leave and never come back? How do you fit the rest of your life into two suitcases and two carry on pieces of luggage? How do you purchase a one way ticket to a place you've never been before? I don't know how to answer these… Continue reading How?

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My Ticket Out of Dodge

Yesterday afternoon, I recieved my acceptance letter to the Studio Art Centers Italy. Starting January 9, I'll be studying fine art in Florence, Italy. I can't wait! I called my parents to let them know; I've never heard a Congratulations sound angry before. Neither of them want me to go. The last time I left… Continue reading My Ticket Out of Dodge