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In Control?

So Alice and I met with the representative from the Italian Consulate this morning, sighed our paperwork, and then mailed everything out for approval by the consulate (whose nearest office is in Detroit). I get really nervous when I don't know exactly where my passport is, and I have a very good reason. When I… Continue reading In Control?


No More Flashing.

I haven't been posting much because it's getting to be that time of the school year again--finals. They officially start this week, but the prep work can be just as bad, especially in art school. I had my first gallery show last Wednesday, but I've been sick and felt like I'd been hit by a… Continue reading No More Flashing.

college life

Please send yarn. And an air freshener.

Spring break starts today. Do you know how I will be spending spring break? Sitting around a dark apartment, or wandering a smelly city in search of something that isn't a bar or a museum. We were going to go to Paris, and then Berlin. We were going to take a week off from being… Continue reading Please send yarn. And an air freshener.

college life

Three Reasons to be Afraid. Very Afraid.

3)I got an email back from my parents, regarding the whole tuition situation. It was one line, and said "Don't worry. It's taken care of." I know my parents don't have that kind of money, and am slightly concerned as to just how exactly things got "taken care of." It probably doesn't help that every… Continue reading Three Reasons to be Afraid. Very Afraid.

college life

Back in the Handbasket

The last few days have not been all that great. I've been trying to get together another loan, going back and forth between two (Completely unhelpful) colleges, my parents, and the loan company. Everything is on hold until Monday. Alice is having the exact same issue, so we're just praying we don't get sent home,… Continue reading Back in the Handbasket


I Knit so I do not Kill People

There are now 43 people signed up for the Peace Project! Woot! My cold is doing a little better. I managed to get some medicine from the Farmacia near the apartment, and it is working wonders. I'm 80% human today, rather than the 50% or less that I have been lately. I think I may… Continue reading I Knit so I do not Kill People


Falling off the face of the Earth

It was a long and difficult road, but we at last made it to Florence. Internet is only available at the main building of the school, so my updates may be a bit sketchy for a while. That is the main reason I haven't updated. London did not happen. We arrived at our hotel around… Continue reading Falling off the face of the Earth


So long, Farewell

Alice will be picking me up any minute. We'll go to her house, marathon Tin Man, and then sometime in the early hours of the morning we'll be heading off to the air port. I joined my first blog ring, the Knitting Bloggers. For some reason, even though I copy-pasted the code for the banner… Continue reading So long, Farewell



It is official. Alice and I purchased our tickets last night. Here's a breakdown of our itinerary and costs. We're leaving a week early to look at schools in the UK. Jan 1-2: Fly from Columbus to Boston to Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Total cost: $612 per person January 2-5: Explore Edinburgh while staying in a… Continue reading I’M GOING TO EUROPE!!!


Insert Cheesy Happy Dance _Here_

If you are a student or under 25, then I have the most awesome site ever for you: Thanks to them, I am going to Florence for under $600. Okay, so it's one way. But I don't want to come back, and if I ever do, then I'll just go back to the site… Continue reading Insert Cheesy Happy Dance _Here_