Upcoming Event!

That's right! I have my first Seattle event scheduled for just after the new year! If you've been curious about spinning, fiber arts, or drop spindles, then come join me at Maker's Mercantile in Kent from 2-4 on Saturday, January 18 for an introduction to drop spindles.  The class is $25, and you will have… Continue reading Upcoming Event!



If you were afraid I'd given up crafting after the past few months, fear not! (Were you scared? I was. I've hardly been crafting at all since May.) While I'm still working on the second pair of purple socks, there has been a good deal of progress made--at least, compared to the last time I… Continue reading WIPs



Well, it’s not the picture I promised. But it still makes me really, really happy. I’ve spent the last couple of days dying. I had to remind myself of some of the process, since it’s been about a year or a little more since I last got the dye pot out. I’ve got eight ounces… Continue reading Teaser



  One thing that completely boggles me about Florence is the number of master painters who lived and worked in this city and yet the lighting is so terrible. Maybe things were different back in the 1500s, when there were fewer buildings, but it's hard to imagine this city as anything other than tightly packed… Continue reading Teaser

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Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, that's right. Another year older, as of 8:49 pm, EST. And what a great two days it has been. I got some of my presents early, things from my mom because apparently, I'm hard to shop for (when did this happen? Seriously. Three words: Amazon Gift Card. That's all you need to know). Both… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me


Spinning a Tangled Web'm going to preface this by saying that I was following that new healthy plan for a week before I made that last post. I didn't so much fall off the wagon for 48 hours, as fall, then was backed over and dragged for a few miles. It started with ice cream for dinner, because… Continue reading Spinning a Tangled Web


Bullet Points

1. I'm taking a page from Crazy Aunt Purl and doing this list style, because I'm too scatter brained for anything coherent. 2. Vanyel is the new love of my life. I'm working on a three ply right now, and have fiber on five of my six bobbins. 3. My show will officially open in… Continue reading Bullet Points


Everything is Linked

Do you know what this is? That would be several ounces of alpaca fiber I am in the process of unspinning and re-carding. I got a pair of hand carders in this morning from a friend on Ravelry. I had to wrestle a postal worker to get them, but they're here and I love them.… Continue reading Everything is Linked


Birthday Swag

I turn 21 tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday by inviting family and neighbors over. Mostly, I got cash (just the way I like it), so today I went out to spend it. I got three old French primers from my great-great aunt who recently passed away (I only met her once and we never spoke;… Continue reading Birthday Swag


Changing colors

I dyed the alpaca yarn yesterday using two packets of black cherry kool-aide and some instructions I found on Knitty. The alpaca didn't take the dye as well as I had hoped, especially considering the concentration of the dye and the fact that I nuked it three times. Maybe it didn't soak long enough? But… Continue reading Changing colors