Last Minute Gift Guide for Writers

Do you have a writer in your life? Are they hard to shop for? Fear not, below are several recommendations for the literary soul, ranging from free handmade ideas to more expensive pieces of tech. Most of them can be picked up right through December 25 or whatever your deadline is, but do keep in… Continue reading Last Minute Gift Guide for Writers



This is what I get for following all of the book blogs on Tumblr--they keep posting pictures of amazing handmade and designer bookmarks. Personally, I'm more the "old receipt or found postit" type of bookmark user, but you have to admit...these are pretty darn gorgeous. If you are looking for something a little less, ah,… Continue reading Marked


Book Haul!

      Wow. Just, wow. For the last three weeks I've been immersed in books. When I haven't been reading, I've been writing, or talking to authors, or editors, or aspiring authors. And I've done a lot of book shopping. The last time I got this many books in such a short period of time, I… Continue reading Book Haul!


Antique Market Haul

I am so tired, you guys. Yesterday I went to the Scott Antique Market downtown with Missouri and my mom. For those not from the Columbus area, this is a massive antique market we have at the fairgrounds that runs selected weekends from November-March. Yesterday wrapped up their 2014-15 season. Since it was the very… Continue reading Antique Market Haul


Wishlist, Part 3: Geekery

This is the last installment of my Wishlist series this year, and this one is for the fans! 1. Tea with the Doctor Or, failing that... 2. Sailor Moon Manga Rumor has it that early next year there will be a reboot of Sailor Moon, the anime that got me into anime.… Continue reading Wishlist, Part 3: Geekery

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Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

1. Typewriter In an ideal world, I would love for all of my typewriters to be in perfect working order. But since I'm mechanically inept and there's no repair shop around here, I'll settle for window shopping other models (Oh, woe is me, I am looking at typewriters...) In all honesty, I could do an… Continue reading Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

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Wish List, Part 1: Knitters and Crafters

Every year I usually do short lists of gift ideas for knitters, for those looking for last minute ideas (last year's is here). This year, I though that I'd do something a little different, and list a few of the things that I'm hoping will be under the Christmas tree this year. Some of them… Continue reading Wish List, Part 1: Knitters and Crafters



There were three things that we desperately needed yesterday, and didn't manage to find until after I made that last post. The first was deoderant. Neither Alice nor I had one small enough to qualify for a carry on. We found a Boots (pharmacy)directy across from the mall, about a block from our hostel. It's… Continue reading Soup


Round Three

No, I didn't go back to Barns and Noble (though don't think the thought didn't cross my mind). After a group nap (greatly needed on all sides), we drove out to Old Town Alexandria and went to dinner at a little burger place called Five Guys. They are a chain store, and I know they… Continue reading Round Three


Meet Vanyel

Vanyel is a Kromski Mazurka, which I purchased second hand from someone on Ravelry. I'm still learning, but here is the first bobbin I spun last night. It took me about an hour and a half. I spun a second bobbin right away in natural white, and this morning I started plying them together.I've got… Continue reading Meet Vanyel