Cover Reveal!

That's right, it's that time again! Some of you may remember Dru from a few years ago; it was first released as a serial novella here on the blog. Searching the site will pull up the original version. Starting April 14, you'll be able to download a Kindle version, newly revised and expanded. Patrons will… Continue reading Cover Reveal!


The KnotMagick Guide to getting Book Blurbs

In this context, lovely writers, we are not speaking about the BLURB, the big text at the back of your book or on the inside of the dust jacket that tells the reader all about your book. It's not the Amazon description. Here, we're talking about the little quotes you often see on the front… Continue reading The KnotMagick Guide to getting Book Blurbs


Slow Recovery

I confess, the department that has taken the hardest hit since I started having thyroid problems (after housework) is my writing. For months all I had energy for after work was staring at the television, so a lot of writing and editing got ignored. I'm back at the computer now, but I'm not working at… Continue reading Slow Recovery

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In honor of International Women's Day, a friend and fellow author, Emily Selleck is hosting a promo opportunity for fellow female authors. #SeeWomenWrite is a tag we'll be using on Twitter from March 4-10, to celebrate women authors and share news and promotions. Several authors are hosting special deals or sales next week. In addition… Continue reading #SeeWomenWrite