Want free books?

Starting this month, I'm launching a new mailing last in conjunction with my regular update email. This new list is for Advanced Readers & Reviewers. In other words, though people who regularly leave reviews for their favorite books on their blog, Amazon, or on Goodreads. It's pretty simple to sign up: just fill out this… Continue reading Want free books?


Pass, Fail, Promise: World Politics Edition

Pass: In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park and Maryanne Vollers This is the first book in a while to send me into book coma. I finished listening to it, and then had to sit for a couple of hours, processing it. I went into it knowing nothing about Korea ouside of what I've gleaned… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: World Politics Edition


Pass, Fail, Promise: Spring 2016 Edition

Pass: The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters This was the first Cat Winters book I've ever read, but purely by happenstance I wound up with several of her books on my list. The Cure for Dreaming is my first attempt at tackling that list, and I would like to proclaim it a rousing success.… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: Spring 2016 Edition

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Robyn Schneider

One of my favorite new-to-me authors of 2015 was Robyn Schneider. I was introduced to her books a couple of years ago through her youtube channel, where she posts energetic, funny videos about everything from makeup and fashion to puns and writing. Last year, I read a both of her YA contemporary novels, The Beginning… Continue reading Robyn Schneider

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The Mandatory Count Downs

My favorite novels read in 2014: 1. Lady of Devices Author: Shelley Adina Reviewed here. 2. Murphy's Law Author: Rhys Bowen Reviewed here. 3. Ice Cold Author: Tess Gerritsen Summary from the author's website found here. This is the 7th book in the series, but the savy ready could probably still pick this one up… Continue reading The Mandatory Count Downs


Pass, Fail, Promise: Summer Reading Edition

So many books! So little time to review them in! Pass: Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy Series I love this series to bits. If you decide to read it, then I highly recommend the audio version, though the only place I've been able to find it is Audible. I've been lucky so far and have had… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: Summer Reading Edition


Pass, Fail, Promise: Books

I ticked volumes nine and ten off of my "Books to Read in 2014" list (yes, I have a list. Yes, I'm following it for the most part. No, I don't expect that to be the case come December). I'm pretty shocked by this, but also chuffed since it means that rather than averaging a… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: Books


Two Down

Well, it's the third and I've got two books knocked off my list. Just 66 more to go, according to my shelfari profile. Well, actually, only 50 for this year, but I've got more than that on my "I want to read this eventually" list. The first book of the new year was Hex Marks… Continue reading Two Down