A Brief History of Elastic

We've all been living in our PJs for so long at this point, it's hard to imagine putting on normal jeans to go to the grocery store. How does anyone function without elastic waistbands, strech denim, elasticated socks, or the hundreds of other strechy, adjustable products we use on a daily basis? It starts with… Continue reading A Brief History of Elastic


A Review: Renoir Boots from American Duchess

One thing I've been doing since I started working from home is slowly compiling the pieces I need to finish off my Victorian costumes for reenactment, since that's something I'd like to get back to once we can go places again. The first item on my list is one I've been lusting after for years,… Continue reading A Review: Renoir Boots from American Duchess

Living History

A Letter from Lucy

Living History

In Character Part VI: Shoes and Accessories

Any costumer will tell you that the devil--or your character--can be found in the details. Especially when playing the role of a more upper class character (like Lucy) the right accessories can make all the difference. Lucy's accessories are still a work in progress. There are many pieces I'm still tweaking, but here are the… Continue reading In Character Part VI: Shoes and Accessories


Knitting for Living History

Working in the Ohio Village, a lot of volunteers have wondered where to find historically accurate patterns that they can work on while in costume and later incorporate into their personal wardrobes. If you are looking for historically inspired patterns, then there are hundreds of sources online (check Ravelry first!) that house recreations of historical… Continue reading Knitting for Living History