Feeling Blue

I've wanted blue hair since I was 12, and 2018 was the year I finally got it. After a year of trying out different blue dyes, I can say that I have a few definitive preferences, which I've broke down below. As a point of reference, my natural hair color is a light to medium… Continue reading Feeling Blue


Raccoon City

Do you know what happens when you stick a couple of curious people in a car for five days with little to do and limited access to social media? We google stuff. At least, as long as the cell signal holds out. We were driving through Des Moines, Iowa (day 2 of our 5 day… Continue reading Raccoon City


Lord and Lady Fluffington

Pure silliness taken from my Twitter feed. For more stuff like this, why not follow me? Or check out my Instagram feed for gratuitous cat pictures. I can be found on both as @knotmagick. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a kitty in possession of a great floof, must be in want of a… Continue reading Lord and Lady Fluffington


Thanks, Ohio.

I'm really glad the weather has turned. Really. Being able to see the sun and go out without a sweater is wonderful. My flip flops were feeling neglected, and I've got my eye on a new pair of ballet flats. I can wear skirts to the office without freezing from the waist down, even with… Continue reading Thanks, Ohio.

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Randomly from the internet

An older article, but a very interesting read on early research into writer's block, starting in the 1920s. Even back then, they linked it to depression and self-esteem issues (pretty sure any writer could be able to deduce that, though whether it's a cause or an effect is a murkier topic). This darning sampler makes my textile conservator's… Continue reading Randomly from the internet


Falling into Place

It's that time of year when people start putting pumpkin into everything. Coffee. Bread. Ice cream. I love it. It's cool enough for pleasant bike rides. I drink tea year round, but this is the *perfect* weather for it. Tea, hot chocolate--and fresh baked goods. Yum! I want to curl up with a stack of… Continue reading Falling into Place