Letters from Camp

How are the Nano Campers doing on their goals? I confess. I suck. I've written a total of 400 new words on my Camp Nano story this month. I did absolutely no prep work, and it shows. I'm not even in the right head space for this story right now, so I think I'm just… Continue reading Letters from Camp



Is anyone planning on doing Camp Nanowrimo in April? I'm thinking about it. I hit the 50,000 word goal back in November, but haven't finished the story yet (I think it will be about 75,000 words). I haven't written much of anything aside from blog posts since Nano ended. I need to get back to… Continue reading Camp



How do you tell your family you want to leave and never come back? How do you fit the rest of your life into two suitcases and two carry on pieces of luggage? How do you purchase a one way ticket to a place you've never been before? I don't know how to answer these… Continue reading How?