Magic in the Headlines

Aurora Jane "AJ" Marshall has wanted to be a reporter from the day she first sat on her father's lap reading the headlines. The 1920s are supposed to be all about freedom, and women are flaunting their independence as voting flappers who drive cars and smoke cigarettes. Well, AJ can't smoke because of her asthma,… Continue reading Magic in the Headlines


Resources for New Authors

Since I've been asked many times, a few links to my favorite writing resources on the web, the places I keep coming back to. Most of these are geared more toward people who have a finished manuscript and are preparing to submit it to agents or contests. I feel like I can't really tell you… Continue reading Resources for New Authors



A few weeks ago on Twitter, there was a tag floating around--#authorstats--to help show aspiring writers and authors some of the realities of publishing. I did answer the questionnaire on twitter, but even with the new 280 character limit, it wasn't enough space for me to really get in-depth, since, like a lot of writers,… Continue reading #AuthorStats


Letters from Camp

How are the Nano Campers doing on their goals? I confess. I suck. I've written a total of 400 new words on my Camp Nano story this month. I did absolutely no prep work, and it shows. I'm not even in the right head space for this story right now, so I think I'm just… Continue reading Letters from Camp