Spewing Rainbows

Some of you might remember, way back in 2012, I knit this baby sweater for a coworker: Which I was absolutely in love with. I wanted to create the same effect in an adult size, but none of the yarns I looked at had a long enough color repeat to be more than rainbow colored… Continue reading Spewing Rainbows


Pride in the Evie Cappelli Series

If I have one regret about Evie's series, it's that I didn't get to put as much emphasis on the sexuality and relationship dynamics of my main character and her love interest, Micha. I did address this once, here, but I wanted to revisit it again for Pride month. As I mentioned last week, it's… Continue reading Pride in the Evie Cappelli Series


Pride In Myself

The following is part of my Pride Fridays series for the month of June. The first post can be found here. I didn't grow up knowing I was different.  Scratch that, I knew from an early age that I was different in a lot of ways. But it never crossed my mind that my sexuality… Continue reading Pride In Myself