What’s Old is Now New Again

Warning: This post is about to get political. I spent the 4th of July watching WWII movies. The world had become a terrifying place. In the last two years we have seen so many awful changes in the US. There's more violence. People struggle to make ends meet as industries not supported by the current… Continue reading What’s Old is Now New Again

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Feeling Blue

I don't even know what to say after the events of this week. I feel like the country I love has set itself on fire, and far, far too many people are happy about it. I know things are not going to end well. It has taken me days to work through the grief enough… Continue reading Feeling Blue


Media Monday

So yesterday Mom and Dad got me watching a marathon of Auction Hunters, and I think I'm in love. I enjoy watching shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but AH is now far and away my favorite treasure-in-trash/antiques/restoration show. It was just way more excititing for me to watch than the others (I keep… Continue reading Media Monday


Vader for Prez

There's hasn't been much going on around here--the only things I could write about would involve me complaining, and we don't want that. For this reason, this will probably be a short post. I started a new crochet project last night, but I'm going to have to frog it because as Alice pointed out, it… Continue reading Vader for Prez


Ignorance is Bliss

I would like to take a moment to address a PM I received on Ravelry this morning. I will refrain from saying the woman's name, but she wrote me a rather long message telling me off for this post: Of course, I also saw the Dumbest American Ever, walking around in an “Operation Iraqi Freedom”… Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss


How did I miss this?

There have been many adventures happening the last few days, not all of them good. If you've been on yahoo recently, you probably heard about the Italian Parliment desolving. What we didn't know going in to this whole study abroad thing is that there is a parliment building less than a block from one of… Continue reading How did I miss this?