The Paris Charity Bazaar Fire

CW: While I've tried not to be overly graphic, this post does discuss the injuries and horrors of a historical disaster. I have not included photo references, but if you would like to see images of the building and the aftermath, please follow some of the links below. If you've been on Netflix (US) in… Continue reading The Paris Charity Bazaar Fire


"What is your nationality?"

Can you guess where I spent Easter? Alice and I took a train from Florence to Paris on Saturday night. We had a three hour snow delay in the mountains, which means it took fifteen hours to get there (glad I brought my knitting!), but it really wasn't so bad, since we had a sleeper… Continue reading "What is your nationality?"


Mood: Incompetant

Am I the only one who has trouble navigating the Eurail website? All I want is a ticket for a night train from Firenze to Paris. I want to know how much it will cost for basic accommodation (as in, a place to park my butt for twelve hours so I can hopefully sleep), when… Continue reading Mood: Incompetant