Oil Can

In the DVD player: Charmed, Season 1 Currently Reading: Dracula It seems to be Theme Week here at chez KnotMagick. Maybe the Oz theme is coming from the fact that I heard "If I only had a brain" on the radio the other day (did I mention the new car came with satellite radio? Awesome!… Continue reading Oil Can


A Good Day for the Tin Man

In the DVD player: When in Rome Currently Reading: The Golden Fleece and the Heroes before Achilles We finally had a break in the weather, so this morning I hauled Oliver and Henry outside to apply the rust converter. The '53 is still in the garage, so I made do with a sunny spot on… Continue reading A Good Day for the Tin Man


Shopping Mojo

Mom and I went to the Scott Antique Market at the Expo Center today, and I somehow managed to satisfy almost all of my nerdy habits--and I did it for less than $50! On the right, you can see a cone of yarn--roughly 5-10 pounds (I'm awful at guessing weight, especially after I've carried it… Continue reading Shopping Mojo