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Time Jump

Last weekend was our season opening at the village. It was busy, and exciting, and so much fun, even if we did get rained out on Saturday afternoon. Since we have moved into the 1890s, I've updated my character a bit. Instead of working for the Sanitary Commission like her predecessor, Miss Charlotte Brown (so… Continue reading Time Jump

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Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.

I'm still trying to find an 1890s typewriter, but having zero luck. I'm rather surprised that there isn't one in the museum collection already, but I suppose they don't come up that often. Last weekend, I spent Saturday trolling antique malls and flea markets with my mom as we searched for something suitable. I saw a… Continue reading Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting typewriters.

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Back in Character

I think that procrastination might be my new superpower. Eh, who am I kidding? It's always been my superpower. I put off making the blouse for  my 1890s costume for six months because I was intimidated by the sleeve and collar construction. Turns out, I needn't have worried so much. The entire thing came together… Continue reading Back in Character


Typewriter Seeks Typewriter

Over the weekend, I had a volunteer training session and got a chance to talk to one of the people in charge of the transition at the Village, and asked about the possibility of getting a typewriter added to the village props, since I would really rather not lug a 40lb machine back and forth… Continue reading Typewriter Seeks Typewriter

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In Character Part 2.1: Inspiration Shots

In developing the wardrobe for Charlotte, I'm moving from the drawing room into the office, so there are some changes in the types of clothing I need to make, and not just because of the change in time period. Charlotte is not a public speaker, though she has to look her best for work and… Continue reading In Character Part 2.1: Inspiration Shots

Living History

A Letter from Lucy

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The (hand)Written Word

                                                  Here are some examples of Spencerian written with one of my favorite drawing nibs, and also with the nib that came in my new pen. I love the pen itself,… Continue reading The (hand)Written Word

Living History

In Character Part VI: Shoes and Accessories

Any costumer will tell you that the devil--or your character--can be found in the details. Especially when playing the role of a more upper class character (like Lucy) the right accessories can make all the difference. Lucy's accessories are still a work in progress. There are many pieces I'm still tweaking, but here are the… Continue reading In Character Part VI: Shoes and Accessories

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In Character Part V: Hair & Makeup

We have a saying at the Village: "Ladies pinch, whores rouge." When it comes to 19th century costuming, less is more in the cosmetics department. That's not to say that they didn't have them, or that no one used them. Cosmetics have been around for millenia, but when you are talking American Civil War, it… Continue reading In Character Part V: Hair & Makeup

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In Character Part IV: Undergarments

Okay, I confess! I cheat just a little when it comes to period undergarments, just because no one is going to see them (well, unless I blog about them....) The photo to the left shows me in my winter undergarments, right before Dickens of a Christmas. This involves a lot of time outside in the… Continue reading In Character Part IV: Undergarments