Cover Reveal!

That's right, it's that time again! Some of you may remember Dru from a few years ago; it was first released as a serial novella here on the blog. Searching the site will pull up the original version. Starting April 14, you'll be able to download a Kindle version, newly revised and expanded. Patrons will… Continue reading Cover Reveal!


In Defense of Mushrooms & 2 great promo codes!

That's right! Just a week after the release of The Night Wars Collection, and already my next book (well, novella) is up for pre-order! And if you want a discount, you can save 15% on In Defense of Mushrooms or any other Torquere book if you pre-order through their website with the code "preorder15". Want… Continue reading In Defense of Mushrooms & 2 great promo codes!

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Coming Soon: In Defense of Mushrooms

The smaller package had Izzy’s name on it, but she'd told me to keep an eye out for a birthday present. And since my birthday was technically over, it couldn't hurt to open it, right? I cut through the tape, peeling back the cardboard. Inside was a thin, print-on-demand paperback. More novella than novel, the… Continue reading Coming Soon: In Defense of Mushrooms