Quarterly check in

The first three months of 2019 have really sent a curve ball at me. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that severely limits my activity and energy output. We lost our beloved murderkitten. There's been drama at work, family drama, and we made our annual trek to Steampunk Symposium. 2019 has been full of excitement,… Continue reading Quarterly check in


2019 Goals

I'm late to the party as usual, but it's cool. It's fine. Everything's fine. Donate at least 5% of book sales to charity. I'll be giving quarterly updates on this, as well as a wrap up at the end of the year. Publish 2 books. The official titles will be coming soon! Write 2 books.… Continue reading 2019 Goals


Changes in 2019

A couple of months ago I hinted at some changes that will be coming to my production schedule and the website starting in January. I'm just going to make a quick list to preview some of the things you can look forward to next year. I'll be releasing 2 books in 2019. Early details will… Continue reading Changes in 2019


Goals, Old and New

The 2017 Goals: Send out at least 1 query every week I did pretty well on this, I think. I did take a month off, but sent out way more queries in other months. Release The Spider's Web on Amazon (once rights have been returned) Done! Reduce the yarn stash by 50% um....No. Save for… Continue reading Goals, Old and New


Keeping with tradtion

I'm not much into New Years resolutions. If you'll remember, last year my New Years Resolutions were posted on January 7, and I figure that's a good place to start this year. For me, January 1 has never meant much. It's the start of the school term that really encourages a fresh outlook, so September,… Continue reading Keeping with tradtion