Nano Boot Camp: Week 3

We've been escalating quickly the last couple of weeks, but now it's time to knuckle down and really get in the habit of getting those words down. Before I started writing professionally, I always felt like 750 words was the hardest hurdle. 750 words per day Write 5x per week Continue with your research. Hopefully… Continue reading Nano Boot Camp: Week 3

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Nano Training Camp: Week 9

I don't know about you guys, but I am exhausted already. I'm starting to have doubts about this Nano thing--I have just had zero energy lately. I did hit my word count goal every day except yesterday--I was out and about all day after not sleeping all night, so 1200 words was just too many… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 9

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Taming the Rhino

I've spent this week trying to get my focus back. It's been a struggle, but I thought that if I have the Rhino a better-maintained habitat, he might be more amenable to working his magic next month. I have discovered over the years that while my thoughts might be disordered at times, my work space… Continue reading Taming the Rhino

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Nano Training Camp: Week 8

Bleh. I hope that you guys are doing better than I am. Lately, I've had tons of ideas, and absolutely no followthrough whatsoever. I think that part of my problem is that I'm just feeling discouraged in general with my writing. I started querying my 2012 Nano novel in May. 40+ letters sent out, and… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 8


Nano Training Week 6

Week of Oct. 12: Outline, outline, outline. Get at least the first few chapters hammered down. We're getting down to crunch time now. The writing and the prep is getting more intense. How are you doing on your word count goals?


Anyone got a lighter?

My knitting is not going well this week. Actually, most of my week isn't going well this week. In terms of knitting, I've had to frog a project that I've been working on since May--my village socks. I discovered multiple problems with the fit of the toe, foot, and heel, and when I ripped back… Continue reading Anyone got a lighter?

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Nano Training Camp: Week 4

How are you guys hanging in? Have you started your prep work yet? Much to my surprise, I managed to bang out the rest of my outline this week. At the start of the week, I confess that I was struggling. My plot made an unexpected left turn, and I wasn't sure what to do… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 4

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Nano Training: Week 3

What is it with this time of year? It's like kryptonite for computers. Every year around this time, one of our machines goes down. Saturday Missouri woke up to the blue screen of death on her computer, and then it refused to boot. We're currently sharing my laptop, which is apparently having hard drive issues.… Continue reading Nano Training: Week 3


Nano Training: Week 2

2. Week of Sept. 14: Lists, lists, lists! Take stock of your supplies: pencils, printer paper, typewriter ribbons, post-its. What still needs to be researched? Will there be any special trips involved to a special library or do you need to request an inter-library loan? How did it go last week? Are you gearing up?… Continue reading Nano Training: Week 2

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Nano Training Camp

Okay, guys! We've got 7 weeks to whip ourselves into shape for the most intense writing event of the year! Can we do it? YES. Here is the game plan: 1. This week, Sept. 7: Clear the decks. Wrap up any projects that you are working on and make sure that there are no distractions… Continue reading Nano Training Camp